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Google To Use Android L To Solve Fragmentation Problems


Android has been battling its software and hardware fragmentation problems for long. Now, Google wants to change it with the new Android L. While Android KitKat addressed the problem a fair bit, as of now Android KitKat only hold 8.5% market share. Here is how Android L is prepared to battle this long-standing problem of fragmentation.

Android L To Solve Fragmentation Problems

1.   A Fluid UI With Smooth Animations

Get ready for a new design that has brighter colors and new iconography along with improved animations and fluid transitions. The new material UI design will not just be used in Android L but Chrome and the web as well.

2.   Better Syncing And Improved Recognizing Abilities

The Heads up Notification feature allows users to view notifications in an expanded manner. Notifications are available on lock screen as well and with cloud syncing, don’t expect to get duplicate notifications any more. If you have connected your Android smart watch to your smart phone, your smart phone can recognize whether it’s you who is operating it, and directly goes to the home screen instead of asking you for the password. There is a new Do Not Disturb mode as well.

3.  64 Bit Processor Compatibility

With the Android L, ART has replaced the Dalvik compiler, which improves app performance and the time taken to open an app. This change should improve performance of Android devices in a huge way.

4.  Introduction Of The OpenGL ES 3.1

Get ready for a better gaming experience with the inclusion of the OpenGL ES 3.1 that brings in better compute shaders and stencil textures for games. Games developers will be able to take advantage of new things like tessellation and geometry shaders to make games seem more realistic. Google says that console gaming experience can be a reality with the Android L.

5.  Better Battery Life!

Nobody likes the fast dying battery on their Android phones. Google aims to change that with the Project Volta that can help your smart phone last 30% longer (when comparing Nexus 5 running in Android Kit Kat and Android L). There is a new Battery Saver mode introduced too that reduces screen brightness and winds down CPU clock speed to make battery drainage slower.

Apart from this, expect changes in the camera as well with Google aiming to bring in low-level camera data and capabilities to developers. The new API will let developers do a whole lot of new things including control exposure time, ISO and frame duration. Google also seems to be moving a bit further from the open source Android tag it has always advocated, by banning customization in its UI of Android Wear and Android Auto. Developers though can expect to do a whole lot more with the Android L and the app store is sure to see some new exciting apps with new capabilities.



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