Has SaaS Business Accepted The Mobile App Trend?

Make your way, either you can have or you can’t. Don’t settle for something in between that too on the opinion of other users keeping aside your own brain. You might not be in the know of the SaaS business or whether it gives a positive or negative impact to the mobile app, but you are always open with the option of indulging into research and knowing the facts yourself and not believing mere talks of the town.

Looking at the current situation, SaaS business have been eradicating the integration of mobile apps since quite a time now. The basic mechanism working behind this is that why to invest into something that is just mere add on and not the actual source of revenue generation. All those SaaS models which are gaining popularity in enterprises and all those professionals integrating its usage are wholly and solely based on their desk for getting the proper experience. From the very moment you step away from your desk, product will be in shortage.

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If you are expecting all those functions that web do, to be done by mobile app then you are not expecting something more. Tech has led us to the trend where user can do all those functions through mobile apps without the frustration of finding laptop or desktop. If you intend to not to mess with your mobile app and make it something that users adore, then here’s what you should do.

SaaS and  Mobile App Trend

SaaS Business Accepts Mobile App Trend

1) Build an app because you need it

Coming up with an app just for the sake of entering into the mobile ecosystem is not something you should be doing. To get yourself started with the trend of Android and iPhone app development, you will have to acquire adequate knowledge about its basic two platform web and app and which one is suitable for your business. Mobile app is beneficial to your business as it adds value to your business and avails your business a new marketing platform. One of the aspects you should be focusing on is, are you mingling your revenue channels with your mobile app or keeping it separate? Visit littlepawstraining.com

2) App is not a substitute for web

The ratio of SaaS business having mobile app is low. The one that have mobile app gives efficient result but for those lacking it, you will have to open web and accomplish your task from there. When others are handing over easiest and most efficient way and other are not, it will deteriorate their business. There is misconceived notion that if not app, web will work. No, that’s wrong. Having a mobile responsive website cannot be substituted with a native mobile app. Mobile responsive site is something that you come with an addition to your mobile application.

3) Don’t set for low skillset

The products of SaaS business is basically browser driven and hence, not majority of the SaaS business engage in developing app. However, if they do, they don’t want to invest too much in it. They tend to fall for low cost app development company with low skill set and come up with low quality app. Get this thing straight in the head that web and mobile culture are entirely different and not at any point, you would want to give up on the UX on the part of bandwidth issues.

4) Flexible mobile experience

The workflow of SaaS product on the desktop is quite complex. Well, this can work with desktop but, when it comes to revamping the mobile experience, make sure to integrate use of case which is driven by mobility. The features which are to be integrated for accomplishing difficult task and execution and reporting therein should be simple and easily understandable. On the go use of the app and prompt completion of the task is something you should be targeting on. The app should be compatible to complete the work faster than the desktop and if you are pro at this, bang you can get some really powerful set of users.




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