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How Much is Too Much A Cost For Your App?


In the world of mobile applications, the creators and the users are always concerned about the cost of the app. Any app entrepreneur would want that his app should not cost too much; neither for him, or for the customers. Some surveys suggest that on an average, the cost of developing an app estimates to be around $6,000. However, the figures also depend upon various factors regarding the need of the apps, the viewpoint of the users and so on. The “small apps”, according to the research, may cost from $3,000 to $8,000. Similarly, the more advanced and bigger apps may be of $12,000 to $150,000 and even more than this.

An app entrepreneur needs to understand that his app should neither be too Veblen nor it should be too Giffen. An ideal cost should be set up for the application which can be measured too if the following points are considered:

  • Type Of The App: The cost mainly depends on what type the app is based upon. There can be numerous types like gaming apps, mapping apps, browsing apps etc. It is very well known that the gaming apps have the highest type of complexity. Thus, a First Grade gaming app like FIFA ’13, may cost too high, depending upon the functions it has. Thus, the cost of the application should be decided according to what it provides for. It means that if you are making a very simple gaming application and the cost incurred by it is over $10,000, then it simply is costing you too high.
  • The Market: App entrepreneurs generate apps for different app markets like Android, iOS, Blackberry; among others. An application which is available in the Apple’s iOS market may be costlier than similar apps available in the Android arena. Thus, the target of the entrepreneurs while making the apps should be absolutely clear. For an instance, a simple lifestyle app which has been created for the Android market should not cost more than $8,000. If it does, then it might not be too beneficial for you as an entrepreneur.

The way to know whether the cost of the app is too high is thus, a very simple method. The cost of any app directly depends on its type and the target it wants to achieve. Researchers say that on an average, the price which is charged by an app developer is roughly around $100 per hour. It simply means that more the time you give to your app, more it will cost. If the generation of a basic application is taking a large amount of time which in turn, increases its cost, then it is not a favorable situation for the entrepreneur.



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