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How To Develop A Best-Selling App?


Mobile app development has taken the tech world by storm and every other business wants an app for its growth via digital mobilization. According to Marketing land, 70% of digital media time is spent on mobile. The trend has no full stop attached to it and apps are becoming the next big addiction among the masses.

While developing an app has become a common skill among the tech fraternity, building a top-selling app isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Be it organizations, companies, startups or individuals, everyone seems to be eyeing on raking in money from apps and with the global mobile ad spending to reach at $170 billion in 2020, apps have become one of the top lucrative products for investors.

The question is really simple. With over 3.8 million apps on Play store and 2 million apps on Apple’s app store, what is the formula for building a top-selling app? Well, to ease you out, below are the factors that are too looked upon to develop an app that is to be loved by the masses.

Identify the solution

Instead of identifying the problem, what if you build an app with an approach of providing the easiest solution of a spotted problem.

It will shift all of your focus towards providing the best problem-solving app that is the first step to build a top-selling app. There may be heaps of problems to solve but the easiest solution gets maximum popularity.

Apps screens have all the power

Have you ever deleted an app due to its poor UX/UI? I am sure you have done it a lot of times and same is the case with the masses. Your app has to boast powerful and highly engaging visuals to make a person use it again and again.

The brain works with images and an app without a blend of bright colors and screens is a waste of money, time and effort. Make sure your app doesn’t count in this category.

Build for classes

While a majority of mobile app developers target masses as their audience, I would rather recommend going for classes. Adapt an audience-centric approach and everyone won’t be using your app.

Set your app audience and build an app that they’ll love to delve in. Be it Angry Birds, Uber, Airbnb, or PUBG, all of these apps are used by a chunk of masses.

Following analytics

Make sure you have incorporated an analytics tool in your app. You have to know every tiny detail about your app users. Where they came from, what do they surf, their likes and dislikes regarding your app?

These details won’t only help to make your app better and more performing but they’ll help you in marketing your app to the right people. Leverage data sciences to adopt predictive analysis approach for your app.

Treat it like a business model

Count all the top-selling apps available on the app stores and you’ll find a lucrative business model behind them. Learn to run a business model around your app and try turning it into a money hub.

Invoke yourself with questions like how can I make money out of my app? What strategies would work to monetize its features? And the list just goes on. Remember, even nothing costs 8 letters, so nothing is for free.

Prototype is unavoidable

You may rate your app as world’s 15th wonder, but still, previous wonders had a model to be followed upon. Build a prototype for your app, get along with its features, usability, engagement level, screens, color selection, intriguing points, etc.

The prototype will give you a clear idea whether the app should be taken live or there are changes to welcome upon.

Perform penetration testing

Your app may make it big within no time and it should be well prepared for such situations. Perform penetration testing on the app so that you get to know whether it can handle heaps of users or it’ll crash then and there.

Test an app again and again till all of your team members including developers, designers, strategists, and content producers doesn’t give a thumbs up.

Apps never get old

Now that your app is live, doing great and is gathering users, you aren’t allowed to sit back and relax. Update it according to the latest trends and happenings. Fuel the app with a variety of features.

You can change its color theme and offerings accordingly with events too. It’s all about making it a lucrative download for its users.

Marketing the right way

Did you ever notice? Top-selling apps are fueled by marketing strategies that have a ripple effect. You have to market apps exhaustively to an extent where every publication medium has its name in their blog posts.

Adapt social media marketing smartly and leverage various PPC tactics to run paid ads. Don’t you worry about the cash burning in, because once your app gains a leading spot on the app store, you’ll be proud of all your investment?



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