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How To Edit Excel Tables on iPad?

If you use spreadsheets and Excel tables a lot, you must know how complex can it be to manipulate them. Whether you are a bookkeeper, or you just use Excel for managing your finances, there are some occasions when your Excel skills are simply not enough.

Situation one: You worked in one Excel table some time ago and you saved the file in PDF for easier sharing and format keeping. If you need the Excel file you saved to PDF, you won’t be able to edit those tables because they are locked in PDF. In that case, you will need a tool that converts a PDF to Excel. By converting a PDF to Excel, you will return the file to its original state and you will be able to edit it.

Situation two: You have an Excel table printed but you lost its digital form or you have never had it. Retyping the data from paper into Excel is time consuming, but luckily there is another solution. You can capture an image of your paper and instantly transfer your file into a digital form. The next step would be to convert an Image to Excel. There is an app that turns .jpeg files into spreadsheets and delivers a file that you can actually work with.

Edit Excel Tables on iPad

These and similar actions can be solved with desktop and online file conversion tools if you prefer to use a computer, but this time we want to show you something else. To get you prepared for even tougher situations, we thought that you must learn how to cope with these document issues on the go. Times are hectic today and you are probably not all the time behind your computer. Since mobile devices have recently become a game changer in the productivity world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile devices found their purpose in document management as well.

So, using iPads and iPhones for daily tasks and not just for fun, is a new trend.

If you use Excel and you have found these two previously mentioned situations as something that might happen to you, just keep reading. Here are two hacks you need to learn about to get the most of your iPad:

How to Convert PDF to Excel on iPad

Download PDF to Excel app from the app store. Open the PDF in any PDF reader, gmail or a cloud app such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Tap on the share button and from the Open in menu access the app to convert a file. The file will be converted within one hour but you can purchase the fast conversions. The conversion speed also depends on a file size and internet connection. Using mobile data is better than wifi in this case, because it is more stable and you need to have internet connection all the time in order to convert a file. Once the file is converted, open it in Excel or any other app that views Excel file and soon you will be able to edit its content.

How to Convert Image to Excel on iPad

When you want to reuse old papers, first use your iPad to take a snap of the paper. Make sure the lightning is good and that the paper is placed on a flat surface. Download the app here. Open the app and locate an image from your camera or gallery. That’s it, you will also need Excel or similar app to view and edit the file.

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