How To Persuade Influencers To Share Your Content

So – you have your own website, you have some solid content, and now you want to get some better outreach. Well, one of the best ways you can do this is utilizing influencer marketing. Now, simply put, influencer marketing is getting a boost from influential figures in your field. This is a person who has, by his or her own expertise and hard work, created a name and, much more importantly, an audience for themselves. It is this audience that you are interested in.

As they already have an established audience in your field, you can tap into that audience, and share some of your content with them. They can help you out in a variety of ways, like with backlinks, promotions or simple shout outs. And keep in mind that a backlink from them has much more Google Ranking weight than a regular one. The tricky part is actually getting (i.e. deserving) their help.

Convincing Influencers To Share Our Content

Create Good Content

This is the very first thing you should focus on. All the social savviness and SEO skills in the world won’t help you if your content is lacking. And the actual type of content doesn’t matter – although the influencer you want to contact should be involved in the same area as you. So, if its travel writing, fitness advice, cooking, or whatever else, it needs to be of a high quality.
This means you need to minimize fluff and focus on quality over quantity. Also, try to be original, specialize and to find your own niche. If an influencer sees that your content is good, and not just a patchwork of spam, dead links, and morally questionable ads, they will probably decide on helping you out. Who knows, if your stuff is really good, they may even stumble upon your website and contact you themselves!

Ask Them Nicely

Cheesy, we know – but you’d be shocked by just how effective this can be. If your content is good (see the previous section), then what’s the actual harm of contacting the influencer directly? It may at first feel somewhat uncomfortable – after all, you are asking somebody for a favor – but remember that you may actually help them out. If this influencer shares high-quality content (i.e. your stuff) with their audience, their audience will definitely appreciate it. So it’s essentially a win-win situation.

Another thing you can try is to comment on their website and blog. Again, remember to not spam them with links to your site. You should genuinely initiate conversations on relevant topics. If you know what you’re talking about, they may notice you and join in on the conversation.

Just remember, when you decide to contact them, be polite, be nice, and be respectful. Don’t act like a hot-shot and think that the world owes you any favors, even if you know for a fact that your content is amazing. Also, don’t act like a suck up. Simply approach the influencer like how one professional approaches another (more experienced) one. If this is too much of a hassle, you can always get a blogger outreach service to do it for you.

Spamming, is of course, out of the question. Influencers are busy people (otherwise they wouldn’t be influencers), and filling up their inbox will only annoy them. Be patient.

You Scratch Their Backs, They Scratch Yours

Practicing basic politeness and respect is a great first step. But, you should also do something for them as well. One of the things you can do is just mention them in a blog post. This will drive some traffic towards them, and boost their rankings a little. While this doesn’t nearly help them as much as they help you, it’s still something.

Retweeting and sharing their content is also a sign of respect. Be consistent, and use everything you have – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… Look at it as if you’re making a small offering – a gift.

You could also set up an interview, and have it posted on both your own site and theirs. The interview itself will generate a ton of content and will provide you (and your readers) with some advice.

And this may even provide the influencer’s audience with some new info. This will also help deepen your relationship and create room for more collaboration in the future.

No matter which influencer we are talking about, good quality content is something that is always needed. You can always offer to make some content for them. Free, high-quality content is always appreciated. If your post is good, some of their audience will go and visit your own website. Another thing you could ask for is them placing a guest post on your own site. This will almost automatically divert some traffic to you.

Finally, a very simple thing you can do is mention their name and website link inside your content. You don’t even have to ask, and there is a chance that they may find out and return the favor on their own.

Final Thoughts :

If there is one thing we want you to get from this article, it’s this – be genuine. Create good content, free of spam and fluff. Focus on your craft, and attract influencers the right way. When you contact them, be honest and show real interest in the work you’re all talking about. Trust us, the audience will notice. Try to actually share something of value with your audience, show the influencer that you care about the stuff you create, and you will definitely see results.



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