How To Smartly Sort The iPhone App Chaos?

Do you know how many apps are running in your iPhone? Have you ever realised, that you actually, don’t get to use each one of them? Is there a better way to handle the app-chaos? Well, I would say, yes, definitely.

At a time, a user can have up to 11 pages of iPhone apps, on their screen.  This means a good number of apps are waiting to be used, in user’s iTunes library and iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could organize these apps into an actionable format?

Let’s take a look at the 5 smart ways to get more action from your iPhone apps.

Smartly Sort The iPhone App Chaos

1. Create Folders

Create folders as per the purpose of your iPhone apps such as entertainment, work, Lifestyle and so on. This way you can get to each app, on a regular basis. While you sort the apps as per their specific use, let the updates run, too. You surely don’t want to see that red dot on your App Store logo informing of waiting updates.

2. Erase Unwanted Apps

Think of apps which you simply downloaded for fun like game apps and never went to use them later. If you have spent money on them, then you might want to find a better way of using them. Make sure to analyze every app before you try to erase it.  Else, get rid of them to have a neat and clean home screen for your iPhone.

3. Set up Themes

Another interesting way to group your apps is by creating a cool theme around them.  If folders are not your cup of tea, try setting apps in themes. You can create neatly aligned groups such as for kids, recreation and so on. It’s a fun way to creatively group your apps, in the most actionable way possible.

Sort The iPhone App Chaos

4. Organize as per use

If you are someone always on the go, it would be a good idea to organize your apps as per their frequency of use.  Place apps, screen wise according to the urgency they need to be used. For instance, first screen can hold your weekly calendar which shows your schedules. Keep second screen for apps which you do not visit frequently. Use third screen for entertainment apps like songs and games.

5. Ease of Reach

If you are a phone addict then what best way to organize your iPhone apps, according to the way you hold your phone. It’s a much logical way of app organization as it lets you access the apps quickly, without straining your hand.  Besides, you can get to your favourite apps, easy and quick.

Improve Battery Life

Another important reason why you must consider re-grouping or arranging your iPhone apps is their effect on battery life.  If you unknowingly leave apps running in the background they kill battery, thus, reducing your iPhone’s efficiency.

If rumours are to be believed then iOS 8 will display battery usage per app, to let you save on battery life. You could then shut the app which drains out more power.

Get on this link to get started with app-arrangements on your iPhone.

It’s All about Getting Creative

You can easily keep up to 12 to 16 apps on your home screen depending on the iPhone model. Moreover, you may even arrange your apps as per their colours or just in simple alphabetical order. However, this may not be too useful if you have a specific reason for downloading certain apps.

Think of what apps are for – to simplify your work and life. Having a great collection of apps is cool. What’s even cooler, to me, is to get them organized in a strategic manner, to get the most out of them.

Put the above app sorting ideas to practise and see for yourself. If you find any other interesting way to arrange your iPhone apps, don’t forget to mention it in the comments below.



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