How To Use Colors To Make Your Website Visually Impactful

Choosing the right color scheme for your website can be a daunting task, especially if you are not good at picking colors. This task is exceptionally difficult for new designers. The way you pick colors can speak volumes for a website, or can completely destroy it.

Many seasoned designers agree that a color scheme is as important as visual content to successfully market your business.

Learning how to use proper colors to make your website look visually impactful can be challenging, but not impossible. We have developed a small guide to help new designers pick the best color scheme for their websites.

Start With The Dominant Color

The dominant color is your brand color. See the website of Superior Blinds LLC to get an idea of how their dominant color impacts the entire visual feel of the website. This particular color will help bring out certain emotions or feelings in people who will browse it.

If you received a logo for the website, your primary aim should be to pick colors that the logo is using.

Choosing The Accent Colors

A website having only a single color throughout is bland and boring. To make your design feel professional, you need to pick accent colors that highlight the most important part of your website.

For example, the website of Superior Blinds LLC uses a light tone of yellow and grey to highlight the most important features of the website. The colors on this website are subtle but at the same time manage to grab your attention.

Choosing A Background Color Following The Superior Blinds LLC Example

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Never use a color in the background that makes people feel uncomfortable. Usually light colors white, off-white, light brown, and light yellow make the best background colors for a website.

See the example of Superior Blinds LLC website. The website is matching its white background with a tone of light yellow and grey to create a perfect harmony. The basic idea is to make sure that when a user arrives on the website, they should feel welcomed.

They should be able to stay for a long time on the website without putting a strain on their eyes.

Conclusion :

As a new website designer, picking the right colors for a website you are designing will always be the toughest part of your job. Normally the job is made easy if you are working with an established brand who already has a set of colors.

But if you are working with a brand that does not provide you with a logo, normally it is a good idea to study their products and base the color of the website according to their product line.

If however, the website is offering a service, then it is a good idea to go with a design and color scheme that is generally welcoming for the user. For this, you may need to study color psychology and memorize what emotions certain combination of colors induce.

If you’re building a website for the first time for a brand that is relatively new, try and use the color scheme of Superior Blinds LLC. This color scheme is generally welcoming and should work for most designs.


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