What Will Be the Impact of 5G on the Mobile App Development Industry?

The constant buzz that occasionally becomes roaring to our ears seems to be quite justified. Yes, we are talking about the 5G network, which is rolled out in a phased manner.

For any development company, the buzz is quite justified, given the vast potential of this new network standard that we already know about. Since the 5G network is knocking at our doors, it is time to evaluate the potential and impact of the technology on mobile app development.  

The 5G network is already in the process of implementation all over the world. It was supposed to take a start from the US and then become implemented in the rest of the globe over the course of months. For a mobile app development company in Chicago, the launch of 5G technology is likely to open a new vista of opportunities. For developers all over the globe, the 5G network will deliver never-before performance and user experience. 

Here we will evaluate the impact of 5G technology on the mobile app development of the present and near future. 

What is 5G?

5G is a new networking technology with tremendous promises to revolutionize the way mobile networks function. As the strongest and fastest connectivity solution to this date, 5G can deliver lightning-fast data speed allowing the fastest completion of many tasks earlier than we couldn’t think of.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits of 5G network impacting mobile app development in a never-before manner.

Reduced Latency 

Delay in loading speed, and lack of pace in completing tasks are detrimental to the user experience that can seriously impact business conversion and lead generation.

This is where 5G is going to offer us revolutionary benefits by delivering the lowest latency. Thanks to the 5G network, the latency I’ll be reduced to less than one millisecond, and this will help real-time decision making for businesses. 

Enhanced Capacity to Accommodate Connections 

The capacity to accommodate connection, which is also referred to as connection density, is the ability of a network to support the number of devices in a given time. At present 4G network is only capable of accommodating around 2,000 connected devices within 0.38 square miles.

5G network density will take this to 1 million devices in the same space. This clearly refers to the unmatched capacity in accommodating connections. Such network density will help app developers to take advantage of reaching out to more audiences in an area than ever before. 

Uninterrupted Connectivity to a Larger Audience 

Mobile service providers often find it hard to provide connectivity without slightest interruptions to a large audience. For example, when streaming real-time video content to millions of people at the same time, mobile apps today need to scale up their hardware capability exponentially.

With 5G network in place, service providers without will be able to provide streaming content with an uninterrupted network to many populations.  

Enhanced Bandwidth

5G, apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, will incorporate all the earlier cellular spectrums, and naturally, we can expect a far higher bandwidth than we could ever imagine.

On the other hand, while allowing more data to pass at a given point of time, 5G will have a higher radio frequency compared to 4G. This again translates to better app performance and enhanced capacity of the apps to deal with a large volume of data. 

How 5G is going to impact Mobile App Development? 

Now that we have explained the key advantages of a 5G network, let us look at how these benefits really playout for the actual mobile app development tasks. 

Lightning-fast file transfer

Most apps rely on the data and file transfer for their features and usability. The lowest latency and fastest network speed for these apps will bring revolutionary impact. Thanks to 5G, the 4K quality videos will be streamed live while still allowing other apps to continue transferring files or downloading content. 

More app features and functionalities

Thanks to low latency and faster network pace of the 5G network, app developers will be able to incorporate a lot of new features and functionalities for their apps. This will bring an overall enhanced user experience. 

The emergence of real-time navigation apps

Thanks to the uninterrupted high-quality data transfer and real-time streaming capability of the 5G network, a lot of new real-time navigation apps will emerge. More travel businesses will incorporate navigational features in their apps. 

Personalized Chatbots will reign

5G will open up new opportunities for mobile apps to incorporate Chatbots and utilize the Chatbots for more productive conversation based on real-time analytics and feedback. 

No reliance on data storage

Finally, apps don’t need to plan for managing user data more effectively to create more rooms. Thanks to the 5G network, most apps will be able to stream data so that the users need fewer downloads and corresponding device storage capacity.  

Key Challenges for Implementing 5G Network 

Apart from availing all the superior advantages associated with the 5G network, mobile apps also need to face several challenges for implementing this new network standard. 

First of all, there will be bigger security vulnerabilities as 5G will allow more devices to remain connected and transfer data. Secondly, the 5G network will not be equally accessible to all, and initially, it is likely to be subjected to a steep price tag.

So, mobile apps also must come with a separate business model for their apps to deliver 5G speed experience to a few persons who can afford the network’s cost. This will also force the app developers to roll out multiple app versions such as the latest ones for 5G customers and 5G enabled devices as well as older app versions for others. 


5G network is coming with a lot of promises to revolutionize the entire mobile app development industry. The impact will be huge as far as the user experience is considered. Most importantly, it will reshuffle several industry standards at multiple levels.  



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