Why Is Infinite Monkeys Making The Right Noises?

Successful businesses have dedicated applications for Smartphone to help consumers connect with the brand. But when you are a startup, it isn’t necessary that you will have all the coding skills required to make a perfect multi-platform app. fortunately, for those app entrepreneurs who have no coding knowledge there is a tool that can help them create web-based apps.

Infinite Monkeys

What’s Working For Infinite Monkeys?
Since its launch, Infinite Monkeys has been making the right noise in the application world. In just a few months of its release, this app has emerged as a popular tool for app entrepreneurs. Here are a few features that have appealed to app developers and entrepreneurs.

  • Web Based Graphic User Interface: This feature allows users to incorporate web content from social platforms such as Flickr, Twitter and other blogging websites. Although these apps are nowhere close to advanced applications, they are great for small businesses that are looking to connect discretely. The best thing about the app is that it offers a free HTML5 web-based model which supports advertisements.
  • Building An Application: Today, websites aren’t enough. If you are looking to connect with consumers 24/7, an app is a must have. Infinite Monkeys provides a step-wise process of creating a Smartphone app. In fact, the process is so simple that you can develop a full-fledged app in less than an hour, provided you have ample content on the web. An application can be created by a drag and drop process followed by choosing the requisite privacy settings.
  • Including Core Content: The core content for the app basically comes from your blog and news feeds. Infinite Monkeys offers additional content categories like sports, music and books and location services among others. Developers can easily preview the app prior to publishing it. For the convenience of users, the online app includes a short video at every step.
  • Publish The App: Users can instantly publish the HTML5 version of their app using a free version of Infinite Monkeys. This will enable any consumer with an internet enabled to access your app through a web link. As your app supports advertisements, Infinite Monkeys will host it on the server absolutely free of cost. While your app will not be as polished as those found on the App store or the Google Play store, it is still good enough to connect with consumers.

Being Creative Always Helps!
From the app entrepreneur point of view, Infinite Monkeys offers features that are innovative to say the least. While we doubt as to the extent you can go to create an effective app through Infinite Monkeys, it does present an interesting opportunity. A good browsing through the app will help you develop better ideas for your app and look at making apps from a different perspective altogether.


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