Invoice Apps and Their Growth

Freelancing seems to be the best way to combat the economic crisis. With companies laying off more and more employees, people are turning to freelancing to earn their living. There are hundreds of apps available on various application stores for running almost any kind of freelance business. Nonetheless, there is something that most of them lack – an intuitive design.

Financial Management of The Business
Financial Management is the least interesting and yet most vital aspect of running a business. In fact, a freelancer who manages his finances well tends to be more successful in the long run. This is why invoice applications have become so popular. As an app entrepreneur, here are a few features that you should include in your invoice app.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: When you are making an invoice application, make sure it is accessible from any device. In this way, users will be able to access their accounts irrespective of the kind of device or operating system they are using. In addition, providing the same features on a web version of the application is also beneficial.
  • Real-Time Update: Allowing users to track and manage their invoice is an important that has to be included at any cost. Business persons would want to have a look at their invoice at regular intervals to know their status. In addition to this, push notifications can also be a handy option in the invoice application.
  • Time Tracking: A good invoice application is one that allows users to log time for the number of hours worked and records all this data on a time sheet. The application user should be able to update his project tasks instantly from anywhere. Furthermore, sending invoices to clients in a timely manner is also necessary. Providing a host of sharing options is a feature that has to be included in the application.
  • Managing Expenses: Freelance business persons use the invoice application for various purposes. One of these is to manage organization expenses. Your invoice application should allow users to record and manage expenses right from the smartphone. Categorizing the expenses is another thing that you should be looking to add to the invoice app. This will enable app users to know where they are sending most and what kind of cost control has to be implemented.
  • Payment Options: It would be great if the app users could receive or send payments on the go. Integrating the invoice app with popular payment options such as internet banking, fund transfer or PayPal would definitely add to the convenience of users and give you a competitive edge.

An application that has all the above mentioned features will make for an excellent invoice app. What you need to understand as an app entrepreneur is the usability quotient and your target audience. A good invoice app will always be loved by business professionals and working people – so you can always expect a good userbase.


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