iPhones Not So Secure At The Moment Are They?

There are lot of issues regarding bugs in the Apple’s new iPhone. iOS 6.1 has been disappointing so far and its difficult to keep your phone secure because of its passcode bypass loophole. Hackers can explore contacts, photos and a lot of stuff by following a series of steps; the only thing is that they need to have access to the phone.

There are two ways of getting cracking into the phone without having the passcode all you need is access to the phone. Users can call 911 or 112 on the phone and then disconnect it while switching the power on and off to get limited access to the phone. Both the ways have been illustrated in the video below; please use it as awareness to check whether your phone is still vulnerable or not after the next update and not for getting access to peoples iPhone without their permission.

iPhones Not So Secure

The above video illustrates both possible threats to your iPhone, the video shows that with the use of keypad on/off button and screen-shot use, the phone can be manipulated into malfunctioning. There are many people who might use this information for mischievous reasons and you need to protect yourself against them. Its very easy to transfer contacts due to this vulnerability of the software. Hope that apple fixes this bug as soon as possible, but you know what its like pandoras box; once cracked its going to create more and more problems.

The are two bypass shown in the video the first one is the bypass which was figured out at first and the second bypass is the latest one. Apple has timely updated iOS 6.1 to 6.1.2 but has not been able to find a fix for the bypass issue in this update and its still prevails.

Did you think smart-phones are secure now a days? Let us know your feedback.



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