Kid’s Educational Apps – The Best of Them Right Now

As education apps keep gaining momentum, it’s only fair that we also look at some of the educational apps and devices that parents are buying for their kids (or those that teachers are recommending to parents). There are many such apps on the market but the following are what I deem to be the best right now:

Kid's Educational Apps

Concentration For Kids

It’s hard for kids to stay in one place for too long. They are bound to lose their concentration especially when you are trying to teach them something new. Concentration for kids helps kids test their memory skills. It has ten different levels and comes in three different themes. What will keep the kids glued onto it and improve their concentration are the sea creatures, well known animals and matching letters.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a highly interactive and educational app that allows kids to learn in a fun way with monkeys. Kids can learn to count, letters, matching and doing jigsaw puzzles. The cherry on the cake is the reward – for every activity the kids finish, they are rewarded with stickers. So they can learn as much as possible once they get hooked on collecting the most stickers.

Toddler Tapping Zoo

Ideal for teaching kids to fine tune their motor skills. Toddler Tapping Zoo app also helps them with recognizing sounds and associating sounds with images. It is highly visual which works wonders as we know how kids like images. Probably the best app to get your child if you would like them to give you a bit of time to rest as they can get immersed in their own world.

Kid's Educational Apps

Madagascar Preschool Surf n Slide

If you want your kid to be the top kid when they finally hit preschool, then Madagascar Preschool Slide is a fun app to achieve that with. It features the Madagascar crew that most kids are familiar with. Add lots of surfing and sliding but most importantly lessons in the following subjects; Critical Thinking, Animals, Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colours and you are covered. By the time they get to the 18th lesson, the last one by the way, they will be cute little geniuses. Are you looking for the outdoor car cover? Visit us.

Alphabet Car

This app allows kids to be the school bus driver with the mobile device functioning as the steering wheel. As they learn the alphabet, spelling and words – they drive the bus towards the correct letters, etc. Alphabet Car has up to 40 levels which means kids have a lot to learn before they get to the next level which get hard the further they go up. What probably makes it stand out is that every kid can customize the car to what they like the most. Most importantly, the game features 3D graphics that we know are hard to resist for kids.



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