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Making Apps for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas, known in concert as “petroleum”, is the most important factor in the maintenance of several industries and in the maintenance of industrialized civilization itself. Without the petroleum industry, we wouldn’t have plastic, which in itself is rather self-explanatory, among other products, such as asphalt and paraffin wax. Since this industry is so vital, there are many apps available for it.

So What Kinds of Apps Are Available?
Since there are many processes involved in the petroleum industry, each process has an app available specifically for it. However, there are many apps that can cross-over these fields easily. These processes can include the likes of exploration, drilling, refining, transportation and finally marketing the products.

Therefore, app developers can look to concentrate on one singular process and make an app for that. Apps which help provide real-time information, acquire and share data promptly from the oilfield or collaborate with other engineers can be designed to help the petroleum industry.

Oil And Gas Mobile App Development

Some of The Apps Already Available For The Oil And Gas Industry Include:

  1. WellEz Mobile: This app helps users to view all active wells, whether they are being drilled or almost completed and provides information like cost, mud weight, and operations breakdowns for every active well.
  2. Oil & Gas Solutions: This app helps to store and manage well information, and includes automatic conversion calculators pre-loaded with drilling calculation to perform quick conversions and calculations.
  3. Observations: It manages health and safety of the workers and the environmental dangers they might face in real-time. This app also includes photos and locations of hazards.
  4. Pumper’s Friend: This app helps workers to pump wells more efficiently. The user interface is also very easy to use, helping to make tank and gauge data collection very easy. Sending data to the office is also very easy, doing away with the need for paper forms.
  5. Oil & Gas News: This app was created by the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association and gives you the latest national & local coverage available on the oil and gas industry in the United States of America.

As is obvious, these apps provide companies in the petroleum industry with great benefits. Having a mobile app helps to attain information more easily and quickly, this in turn assists in optimizing the work done both on the oilfield and in the office. Most oil companies use mobile apps and cloud based communication systems in order to communicate with the remote workers. While ROV’s, which are automated vehicles, are often used in oil explorations, it is true that there are mobile workers and effective real communication of data is important when it comes to oil and gas explorations. App makers can make apps that actually benefit in these explorations, including say stating the depth of the well, the number of people in work and other useful things that aid in exploration.

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