Making Paid Apps – The Prospects

The pricing strategy is a critical part of iPhone app marketing and this can be a tough decision during the launch. In the past few years, the application market has seen a phenomenal growth. In the last few months itself, the Apple store has reported more than a billion downloads, and then twice that figure in just half the time. The app enthusiasm has spread to Android, window phones, Blackberry, and alternate mobile business under the sun. A Few things which developers should keep in mind while developing paid apps:

Do you want to develop app to be a promotional tool for any business or to make money from it?
You can have your app do something practical and useful. Apple has squeezed up a lot and they do not publish apps that are primarily promoting material. If developers are aiming for the most possible downloads, then set your app’s price to ‘free in the beginning’. Of course, once it becomes popular or live, you can set a price.

Should you go for an iPhone app or build an Android app?
Diverse languages are used on iPhone, iPad and Android because of which many developers usually select to develop only one app at a time which cuts down the cost. App entrepreneurs should prefer to select an iPhone or iPad app because most apps on Android are free compared to apps in the iOS. Depending on the market demographic you have in mind, you can make an appropriate choice. If your idea is to promote a business, then think sincerely about Android.

Is building a free app a good thing?
The price factor is quite perplexing and it does work differently for various types of app categories. Free of charge applications are very trendy in games and amuse the crowd especially on Android. Until and unless it is a very complicated objective, try to play safe and develop two apps where one should be free and one must be paid. You need to observe well here and find which one is giving you more revenue or popularity so you can start thinking from that point.

How to decide which app should be created?
App developers must understand the demand of the huge market for the particular app which you are thinking to create and develop. One can do this easily by visiting the US iTunes shop, and find the top apps, the apps that are rewarded the most or the apps that are grossing the highest.  Download those apps and start to play with them.

The question arises, are people downloading the kind of app which you want to develop? If they are not interested in the same, maybe put that plan aside and have a better plan.


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