Mobile Apps Consumption Crossed The Web Browsing Consumption: Mobile App Usage Grows 35%

Mobile apps are gaining huge popularity all over the world due to its several benefits. These apps are very easy to use and quick data processing. Today a wide variety of mobiles are available that support different types of mobile apps. They are very easy to download and install. Many people have installed and get several benefits of using app just like a PC using experience

As per the current report, usage of mobile apps has been increased a lot. The telecommunication industry is one of the world’s fastest rising industries.  Web browsing and TV viewing sources are slightly going down as comparison to mobile apps.  The rate of using mobile apps grew up to thirty five percent from 94 to 127 minutes per day.

Android and iOS users are using a wide variety of different types of mobile apps all over the world. Mobile apps are designed in a unique way with several numbers of features.  Last month, eighty percent time was spent over the three categories such as entertainment, games and social networking. Short idea about average time spends over the mobile apps in DEC 2011 and DEC 2012 and about other media sources.

Mobile Apps Consumption Crossed The Web Browsing Consumption

  • Mobile apps rose 35% from 94 minutes per day
  • TV viewing 168 minutes to 127 per day
  • Web browsing fell 2.4% from 72 to 70 minutes per day

The rising demand of mobile apps has raised revenue for several companies those have handled to make amazingly entertaining and important apps. Current survey clearly states that the mobile apps consumption has already crossed the web browsing consumption. US statistics reveal that eighty million undisclosed mobile apps usage sessions are recorded daily across the different mobile platforms.

Mobile Traffic Vs Browser Traffic, Mobile Users Vs Web Browser Users

Moreover, current report also stated that apps used by iOS and android users are in wide variety. Most individuals are using such apps during the early evening and the late afternoon hours. During morning hours ads are clicked mostly as per the study. Weekends can be considered most popular time of using different mobile apps.  These apps are available for almost all purposes such as:

  • Messaging and communication
  • Advertising such as promotional, corporate and coupon app
  • Entertainment, leisure and games
  • Business such as management and planning
  • Educational and financial
  • Blogging and social networking
  • News

Due to such types of mobile apps and their benefits they are becoming the first choice of thousands of people throughout the world.


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