Mobile Apps That Can Make Your Business Even Better

Looking for ways on how to optimize your business? Then this article is for you. Running a website is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires your time and efforts. What plays the spoilsport is Time. Yes, with time you have to keep your fingers on the pulse of technology so that you have everything in your arsenal.

Hardly you know that there are some apps that can increase the productivity of your business without having to invest more in mobile development services. You can have a robust website and a mobile app for your business and extend the functionality of your scope. However, there’s another way of increasing your mobile-centric customers by using mobile apps that can actually enhance the user engagement level.

So, let’s get an insight of what these apps are and to what extent they can enhance your business.

Personal Productivity Apps:

By Personal productivity, we mean to enhance one’s efficiency and productivity. If you struggle with keeping up with your daily schedule and always end up cluttering documents, then these apps will help you.

– Evernote: This is one of the best note-taking app letting you manage your document clutter free. It serves as a great space to organize documents and share them easily and across all mobile devices as it syncs automatically. It has both free and premium versions.

– Expensify: This app provides easy scanning of receipts and categorizing of documents with intuitive user interface.

Mobile Apps For Better Business

Internal Collaboration Apps:

– Trello: It lets you work efficiently and more collaboratively and get more done. Trello lets you organize and prioritize your work more flexibly and in a fun and rewarding way.

– Wunderlist: Wunderlist is the most effective way to get things done. Whether you’re drafting a shopping list or planning a holiday or a to-do list, this app answers it all. You can easily manage your multiple work projects. Professionally or personally, Wunderlist helps you tick off all your plannings.

– Google Keep: Google Keep allows the user to make different kinds of notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. Sharing options enable real-time note cooperation with other users. Users can set time or location-based reminders.

– Jira: Jira is used for project management, issue tracking and bug tracking and has emerged as the one of the best software tracking tool.

– Asana: Asana is the web and mobile application designed to help people to keep track of their work. This project management tool is quite similar to Basecamp so if you have hands-on experience with Basecamp, then you’d definitely love Asana.

Communication Apps:

– GoToMeeting: You can easily participate in video conferencing with up to 6 shared webcams. It is important for on the go people as they can make one-clicking dialing easily.

– MobileDay: For those who find themselves on a steady stream of conference calls on their mobile phone, this app makes one-click dialing a snap.

– Chromecast: You definitely need this app as this allows for wireless screencasting from tablets or laptops to the projectors or any of the display monitors with an HDMI port but you need physical Chromecast device.

– is a life management and productivity app. It’s a task management and to-do app and offers functions like time and location based reminders, list sharing and task delegation, customizable tasks lists, real-time cloud synchronization and much more.

– Paperless: With Paperless, you can make lists of anything and everything without any difficulty. Now, create any to-do lists whether a shopping list, grocery lists, preparing notes for a presentation, take notes, plan your holidays etc. to name a few.





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