Mobile Loyalty: What is Better – Content or Simplicity?

The meaning and purpose of mobile loyalty programs is to encourage people to use and engage with a particular app by providing various in-app benefits and loyalty cards to them.

These programs help to attract and entice customers towards apps and your business, thereby driving in customer participation. They target a customer’s behavior related to his social, local and mobile life. There is often a question regarding the importance of the app content and the simplicity of such apps.

It is often debated as to which is better – the content of the app is better or its simplicity.

Can you really give an answer to which sport is better among baseball and soccer? Each has its own niche of audience.

A perfect blend of these two can help to create the best mobile loyalty program giving you better ROI.

Customer Royalty Programs and You
These programs generally provide incentives and benefits such as the loyalty cards. Whether be it promoting the particular app or the developing company, customer loyalty programs help to reach out a lot more.

The mobile loyalty programs also help users get the latest information about the company and receive personalized offers. Think of the Starbucks Loyalty Card program. They have a whole wide range of products and if you are a loyalty club member, you get extra brownie points that well, you just can’t refuse!

Apps like the SAP Customer Loyalty App help to manage loyalty accounts as well. This means that the user can know the review points and the possible upcoming rewards coming in the near future. Many of these apps also include the facilities of the digi-wallets.

Not only this, the apps also use the facility of the store locator in order to find the exact location and driving directions to get to the store.

Learning The Techniques
As an app entrepreneur, having a mobile loyalty customer program might be one of the best decision you can make.

Mobile loyalty apps can help to turn the customer’s smart phone into a loyalty card. This ensures that even if a customer loses his loyalty card, he won’t get deprived of his benefits.

What we are seeing today is another trend when it comes to mobile customer loyalty card programs. A good mobile loyalty program should include messaging features with geo-location based notifications. The app by the Old Navy retailer, for instance, allows the user to generate a wish and in turn, making the buying experience much quicker and easier.

It’s quite simple. Today, for any mobile loyalty app to be successful, it is important that both the aspects of content and simplicity should be kept in mind.


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