5 Best Online Database Applications for Managing Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, business dynamics are evolving rapidly. On the one hand, digital forums generate tons of data every day, making it impossible to keep track of trends. On the other hand, maintaining customer and supplier records manually is becoming mundane and time-consuming. As a business database starts growing, you begin to understand the constraints of the basic spreadsheet. Not only does it take forever to load, but formatting errors can disrupt the formulas. 

Instead of trying to fit all the data into X and Y tables, why not look for smart data storage solutions? Well, you can move to an online database that aligns with your business model. It would have an intuitive user design with a steep learning curve, allowing your team to discover something new every day. From recording customer orders to preparing financials, a single database can offer multiple features together. Besides that, databases have top-notch security, closing doors for cyberattacks. 

If you are ready to take advantage of thriving technology, let us help you out. Here are the five best online database applications for managing your business. 


When we talk about maintaining records, organizing everything is crucial. After all, having piles of receipts and invoices sealed in files won’t be of any use. With database applications like Baserow, you can get all your records in order. The software has one interface for everything; meaning, all your customer records, financial data, expenses, and product details will be in one place. In addition, you can integrate this software with your bank accounts and automate bill payments. 

Do you know the best part? Baserow’s self-hosted open-source software is free of cost. It provides unlimited users, databases, and custom plugins without charging a dime. Therefore, take advantage of this free online database and manage business-related data efficiently. Alongside reducing the likelihood of errors, smart tools will help you get work done faster. 


For people who don’t prefer high-tech applications, Smartsheet could be a perfect choice. It has a similar interface to Excel, making it easy for employees to switch from spreadsheets. Besides, the software has free templates, third-party integrations, custom branding, and a collaborative workspace. All employees can work together at the same time and keep an eye on each other’s progress. It boosts productivity since workers want to stay ahead of each other. 

In short, the Smartsheet software will work great for small businesses because of its incredible features. However, all these features don’t come free of cost. The Smartsheet pricing starts at $14 per month, and the user gets billed annually. Although it is a small expense, the annual billing system binds the users to keep using the software. 


Only after a few months of launch, Retool made a name for itself. It is online database software that allows users to custom internal tools. Hence, you can drag and drop the building blocks and connect them to the database per your preference. Most people call it a low-code development platform because it lets users add JavaScript code blocks. Therefore, if you have programmers and developers on board, this application can do wonders for the business. 

Moreover, Retool also offers business process automation. It means you can send invoices and receive payments digitally. You can even set payment alerts to send reminders to customers who are delaying bills. In addition to keeping the cash flows positive, the software can go a long way for the IT department. After all, having performance monitoring, iteration management, and data aggregation in one place can be a game-changer. 


People usually hesitate to automate operations because they don’t have a knack for technology. Fortunately, the emerging tech tools aren’t complex or tricky. Database software like Infinity is super flexible and user-friendly. The users can build customizable frameworks using several boards from the workspace. Also, you can structure every board in a way that aligns with your business. Perhaps, you can create a panel for marketing metrics and another one for financial KPIs. 

For customer and employee data, you can organize all information into folders or subfolders and name them accordingly. For instance, you can group employees by department and customers by order frequency. These few changes will allow you to see data from an angle that makes more sense. With every detail available at your fingertips, you can even make quick and smart decisions regarding business management. 

Quick Base 

Sometimes, database software tools don’t have enough storage capacity. For large organizations, the Quick Base database is the perfect solution. It has visual processing modeling, form builds, and project collaboration. In addition, the tool supports the collection of API calls for data querying and user management despite the large file sizes. 

The software also has an app marketplace from where you can download additional features. It supports object mapping, rapid prototyping software, and several dashboard tools. Precisely, all your business data will be in one place, allowing programmers, marketers, and accountants to work together. The only downside of this software is the pricing. It starts at $500 per month if billed annually. Hence, you have to be 100% sure before purchasing this software. 

Final Thoughts

Every business has a different set of requirements and expectations. While some want a primary data storage solution to get finances in order, others wish for customizable features on the software. Before downloading any software, think about your requirements and then pick a software. If you don’t want to spend a lot, stick to free tools offering standard business management features. Otherwise, take free trials of paid tools and see which works best for your company. 


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