A Quick Look at Top Kodi Add-ons


You know that there are thousands of Kodi addons, both official and third-party. However, one can see that many out of those are not working correctly now, or they may have come with inadequate functionality. Here we have to do thorough research by testing hundreds of Kodi addons and compiling the best available Kodi addons.

After testing hundreds of Kodi addons, we have found 50+ best Kodi addons in 2020. So, check out the categories that we will cover, found below.

Top Kodi addons

  1. Netflix
  2. iPlayer WWW
  3. YouTube
  4. Spotify
  5. XUMO.TV
  6. Crackle
  7. Free Live TV
  8. Pluto.TV
  9. Indigo
  10. ROM Collection Browser

Best movie addons for Kodi

  1. Popcornflix
  2. FilmRise
  3. SnagFilms

Top Kodi sports addons

  1. USTVnow
  2. Fox Sports GO
  3. NBC Sports Live Extra

Live TV Kodi addons

  1. Livestream
  2. Live Tube
  3. Deutsche Welle

Best addons for cartoon

  1. South Park
  2. Japanese Animated Film Classics
  3. Simpsons World

Best addons for TV shows on Kodi

  1. Comedy Central
  2. TV Land
  3. Catch-Up TV & More

Best Kodi addons for anime

  1. Funimation NOW
  2. Crunchyroll

Kodi addons for streaming music

  1. SoundCloud
  2. Radio
  3. MixCloud

Kodi addons for gaming

  1. Twitch
  2. Reddit Viewer
  3. Steam Community

Top Kodi addons for news

  1. Cheddar
  2. CNN
  3. NewsON

Best cloud services Kodi addon

  1. OneDrive
  2. Google Drive

Kodi addons for viewing documentaries

  1. Seeker
  2. National Geographic
  3. ESA Videos

Best maintenance addon for Kodi

  1. Kodi Installer 
  2. Git Browser

Along with these, you may find many other purpose-specific Kodi addons too. We will keep on expanding or correcting this list from time to time.

Usage of a Good VPN for Dark Web

If you are thinking of accessing the dark web, it is not just about using the Tor browser, but you must also consider adding the best free VPNs for Kodi for the best result. Once you get connected to the dark web through the Tor network, your ISP will not be able to recognize the websites or content you try to access.

However, the internet service provider can identify that you are using Tor. Even though the usage of Tor is legitimate, you can keep it a secret by connecting through a VPN. Further, in this article, we will discuss some specialized VPN for the dark web, which will help you serve this purpose.

  1. ExpressVPN: This is the No.1 choice of dark web users who want to protect their anonymity. It is secured, reliable, and offers high speeds consistently.
  1. NordVPN: It is regarded as one of the top budget VPN to pair with dark web access. This also offers high-speed service without any compromise on privacy and security.
  1. CyberGhost: For beginners on the dark web, CyberGhost is an ideal service pre-configured with high-end privacy and security features. They also boast a vast server network. 
  1. IPVanish: It is another high-speed VPN that does not keep any user logs and ensures anonymity.
  1. PrivateVPN: Offering robust security, it is a fast VPN service. They, too, follow a no-log policy and reliable multi-platform support.

Along with these top free providers, you may consider premium services of the same to get more features and security.

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