Reasons To Build An Enterprise App Store

It is the generation of ‘Mobile Applications’. Mobile apps, in Google Play Store and Apple Store, are increasing drastically every day with maximum number of users downloading it to get fun out of it. It is this time of technology and business when the application has become a must for any startup or an experienced organization dealing with the multinational clients. Days are not too far when websites will be the secondary option and mobile apps will be mandatory. There are many reasons behind that; it’s easy to access and hustle free, unlike websites.

Well, let’s narrow down the mobile application category; there are myriad categories in it. We are talking about Enterprise Mobile Applications.

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As per Wikipedia, A mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) is a suite of products and services that enable development of mobile applications. The term was coined in a Gartner Magic Quadrant report in 2008 when they renamed their “multi-channel access gateway market”. Now is the actual time to build an enterprise app store as the added-extra benefits of building an enterprise app store are incalculable. The question is why aren’t you building one right now?

Build An Enterprise App Store

Changing the phases of business, enterprise apps increase worker productivity, leverage big data, and serve optimize business process efficiency. There are least four main reasons for enterprises to build mobile apps.

  • Enterprise apps are ever-changing the nature of corporate landscapes
  • Enterprise big data generate smarter apps than ever before.
  • Enhanced value of your application portfolio
  • It heightens overall corporate productivity.

Build An Enterprise App Store

According to a Gartner survey, 2015 will see 79% companies increase their mobile spending by 36%. Mobility results in less inventory, intensify throughput and less operational expenses. Countless articles combined with analytics, are written that big data allows enterprises to derive business intelligence to keep them a step ahead. The combination of big data and analytics makes enterprises smarter. There are several critical elements as to how big data have to do with enterprise app development.

An enterprise service catalog enables IT to be more proactive in making sure users aren’t getting apps the company can’t support or that pose potential security risks. This approach authorizes to track and maintain better control over those apps. An enterprise app store features solutions IT is familiar with and able to support. Eventually, it must line up the apps with those that their customers want and need to do their jobs.

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Recognizing cost savings on license fees is comfortable to accomplish with the visibility acquired from an enterprise app store.

  • 41% say reduced license fees is an elementary gain of having an enterprise app store.
  • 65% stated reduced risk is a primary benefit of having an enterprise app store.
  • When it comes to improving enterprise application security, 61% say implementing an enterprise app store is effective.

Growing mobile usage in the enterprise comprises users accessing social media and other unapproved apps, which can leave a network open and vulnerable to hacking. Enterprise IT leaders are embracing enterprise app stores as a way to get business-approved applications into the hands of end users, and with momentum building, now is the time to seize the opportunity. An enterprise app store derogates the potential of malware and spyware resulting from shadow IT by providing more options within the app store that IT has approved.

Now, that we have come across all the factors of why enterprise mobile applications is the future, we shouldn’t ignore it or left aside considering the risk factors involved if not associated with the business.


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