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SEO vs SMO: Which is Better For Driving Traffic?


A website without traffic is like a body without a soul, totally useless. SEO and SMO are two most important tools driving the digital world and a matter of concern for webmasters and bloggers. These are the strategies, deciding the amount of traffic your website or blog receives. Before we jump on to what and how does both of them impact the traffic and which one is better, for the non-technical heads it needs a clarification what exactly is SEO and SMO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, whereas SMO stands for social media optimization. Well, the primary question striking your head would be whether SEO hinders in SMO and also the other way round or they both these strategies can work side by side. Are they similar in any way or are totally different? Too many questions for starters.

Well, SEO has been a very basic activity for the website owners. It is very simple and common but not everyone can crack it right and make the best out of it. There is an entire bulk of companies who refrain from integrating SEO activities for their website despite knowing all the benefits of it. The reason is simple, SEO can’t make miracles in a day or two or a week, it’s a long process which yields the result with patience. However, the traffic generated this way is very organic and beneficial to the website. This is the reason why hiring SEO services is very tricky and essential thing to do. However, both SEO and SMO are used for hyping the number of visitors to the site and to the blog, so how are they different? Let’s get to the point what difference it makes in generating traffic through SEO and generating traffic through SMO. To explore your career join digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Importance of Traffic Generated Through Search Engine Optimization

  • With search engine optimization, the website can get a high level of traffic and also high ranks on your selected keywords.

  • Even the new pages have the chance of getting ranked high in the Google search with right SEO activities.

  • You can target the search terms and target them.

  • Traffic is genuine and relevant as people have reached your site as a result of what they have searched.

  • Search engine traffic can be increased by adding new pages to the site and in a way developing the site by adding fresh content.

SMO has been on trend only since past few years with such hyped use of social media networks. Hence, the traffic generated through SMO is not that steady when compared with the traffic driven through the tried and tested method of SEO. However, social media experts are always open with the opportunity to drive a huge bulk of traffic by publishing innovative and intuitive content. Traffic will reach sky high with SMO. The basic difference between SEO and SMO is of networking. For SMO, you will need to have impressive networks and strong profiles and on a contrary, SEO can be done devoid of any networks.

Importance of Traffic Generated Through Social Media Optimization

  • The peaks in traffic can be really high.

  • Anyone with little knowledge of social media can do it.

  • If you are a newbie in the world, you can instantly and easily get success without having to wait so long.

  • The website structure is not placed on top-notch like it is with the SEO.

  • Strong profile and attractive posts can get you traffic at your desired point of time.

  • The one with success can gain a heavy audience and the one with heavy audience gets increased success with social media. This gives your mobile app development company digital visibility and increased reputation.

Wrapping up

Here is the answer to the entire series of questions we had at the beginning of the article. Well, both SEO and SMO can co-exist together and work well for the lifting the visibility and traffic of the site. And yes, they have the similar agenda, but with different paths.



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