Shazam: Discover Much More Than Music Now

Music has always been a great source to bring together people and most of us tend to like a certain genre of music which helps you get along with people of like minds. It’s really good when the creator of the app doesn’t just sit after its success but tries to work on making it better and more interesting.

Shazam basically helps you track a song you hear and get you the detailed information about it to feed your curiosity and make you look smarter in music knowledge. But this app did not have much substance in its original functionality. But now it has evolved over the years and comes with various more additional features:

•    Originally one would press the Shazam logo on the bottom of the screen and within few seconds would get the details of the song. But now after you identify the song you have various options such as buying the song on iTunes, watching its video on Youtube, listening to it on the radio (provided you have a radio subscription), getting the lyrics and much more.

Shazam Mobile Music App

•    Shazam not only identifies music but don’t be shocked it also identifies TV shows. This is quite impressive as it can identify any show which you may have not heard of and within seconds you get the name.

•    Not only can you identify the TV show but you can also get various other cool stuff like IMDB page, Wikipedia page, list of music tracks in that show and lots more.

•    Another plus point of Shazam is that it gives an option to save your search so that you can recheck the song or TV show looked up by you in the past.

•    With the Discover option you can see things other people view and what is popular on Shazam. In addition you can search for something particular if it’s not playing at that time which hadn’t been tagged previously.

•    You can also find out new things to do on Shazam with the friends list where you can see what other people are tagging currently. Furthermore linking Shazam to Facebook will allow you to add your Facebook friends using the Shazam app on your Shazam friend list.

Shazam is a very remarkable app that makes us appreciate today’s technology and its progress. A must-have app for all the music lovers! Get this app for Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone  on


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