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Stick Sports – How It Continues To Inspire Us


Stick Sports is one of the most successful gaming websites available online. It is an Adobe Flash Player gaming zone on the net. Any application entrepreneur can learn a great deal from this web sporting group as to how the limited resources in possession should be smartly implemented. The Stick games have become the most commonly played and downloaded website games around the world. It is a huge resource of inspiration and management.

  • The Beginning And The Development: The Stick Sports was actually initiated with “Stick Cricket” which was developed by “Cann Creative” from Sydney, Australia. It later went on to become partners with “Advergamer” from London, England and this union brought Stick Cricket into the world of internet gaming. Later, the company went further to expand their franchise and create various other sports games as well. Today, the Stick Sports provide the users with numerous online games based on real time sports like, Stick Football, Stick Baseball, Stick Tennis, Stick Racing, Stick Rally, Stick Aussie Rules, Stick Cricket (iPhone), Stick Cricket (iPad), Stick Cricket Premier League (iPhone), Stick Cricket (Android), Stick Tennis (iPhone), Stick Tennis (iPad) and Stick Tennis (Android). The rate of development that the company has shown is certainly commendable.
  • Easy To Play: The Stick Sports application is as easy to use as 1-2-3. Any computer system or laptop which has an internet connectivity and Adobe Flash Player installed can use any of the Stick games. As far as the mobile phones and iPad are concerned, these games are readily available on the Android market as well as on the iOS market. Most importantly, all these applications are free of cost and do not require any kind of registration except when you want to submit your scores online.
  • Nothing Too Fancy: The Stick Company has very efficiently understood as to what their users want from them. They have set a milestone to learn from for any application developer or for that matter, any user as well. They have not tried to make their games too fancy. Unwanted detailing and troubling add-ons have been superbly avoided. They have kept it very simple all through and this is a big lesson to learn from them. The more an application is simple, integrated and efficient, the more it is loved by the customers. Statistically speaking, every day, about 2,672 people use stick sports online. It rightly shows the success the company has earned over the years.

Stick Sports is a very inspirational set of games for any application entrepreneur who is a novice in the field of apps and wants to launch a new gaming application. He can take lessons from the way this group has developed.



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