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Tappt – Tap To Earn Real-Cash!

Tappt is the latest entrant in our category of addictively cute apps. It is a very simple and engaging reward game. All it wants you to do is ‘tap’ its red button. The more you tap, the more money you can make!

Tappt rewards players with cash money ranging from $50 to $500. It gets a bit more fun at this stage. You can enter the competition to play alongside new players, from all over the world.

When the player reaches the highest number of taps, in a scheduled time, he or she wins. Isn’t it fun?

How to Play Tappt?

All you need to do is download Tappt, create your account with a cool username and start tapping the big red button.

Don’t worry if you leave the game, at any point. You can always come back and start tapping into the same or enter new competition, to try your luck.

The goal of the game is to out-tap your competitors and bag the cash-prize ranging anything from $50 to $500. Now that’s something to look out for.

Let’s Talk About Its Features

If you are all confused, nervous or frowning and wondering what the actual work-around is like? Fret no more. Tappt’s interface is as friendly as your thick buddy.

  • It’s a free app-game
  • The app is designed for all age-groups
  • Once you register using the sign-up form, the next time the app will accept you automatically, when you open it
  • You can sign-up using the registration form or via your Facebook account
  • The leader board of the app displays names and highest scores of the top 20 players, for you to match up the pace
  • A yellow message icon, above the red button, alerts players about their win. This message box acts like your motivator. It continuously bombards encouraging messages to players and shares them publicly
  • The information tab displays the start and end duration of the competition, with date and time. For example, 18.08.2014 09:00 AM – 25.08.2014 09:00 AM
  • At a time the information tab displays the duration of two competitions, scheduled on separate days, for your convenience
  • Winners can receive their cash-prize by Paypal
  • You can easily share the app with your friends using Facebook, Twitter or your e-mail

What Makes Tappt Kick?
Unlike tap games in this genre, Tappt offers real cash-prizes to its users, without getting you all stressed-up.

Easy to Navigate
Designed in a simple flow. The app helps users to reach from one point to the other, within seconds. No complicated jargons or hidden tools are found in the app which confuse the user.

It Sets the Mood
Light, chirpy graphics to smartly capture the mood. Black background to help you channelize concentration at specific areas, especially important while continuous tapping.

Structure & Layout
Crisp data layout with a crystal-clear leader board to display information like name of players and their highest scores. The board throws updated scores, at continuous intervals, to get the competition going.

Disturbance-Free Gaming
The app does not disturb you with random advertisements. There are no unwanted animations and background noises to distract you. The interface is extremely user-centric and distraction-free to give an ultimate gaming experience.

The screen is smartly built to give a smart and seductive gaming-experience. All it does is let you play in peace and enjoy your win.

Hail the Competitive Spirit!
(Mini spoiler alert). Tappt is a beautifully addictive game. It can keep you hooked for hours or even months at a stretch, not without rewarding, though.

It may look subtle but the game is a real test of your nerves. If you can keep patience and keep going on, Tappt is for you.

Not to forget, it will kick a little more laughter, fun and excitement into your life.

Now, over to You
‘Life is a game. Money is how we keep score’ – Ted Turner

What do you think about Tappt?

Have you downloaded it yet?

If yes, how was your experience? Share it here with us.

Would love to hear from you.

Till we meet here again with the next app-review. Happy Tapping!

  1. Doreen Luphoko

    I’ve registered tap to earn last year November but on my payday, I didn’t receive the money and I could not find my manager Kayla

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