4 Tech Gadgets You Can Make At Home And Not Spend Money On

Tech is part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. Tech gadgets are in our homes via smart home devices. Tech gadgets are in our pockets or around our wrists nearly 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. The number of tech gadgets we can buy and make part of daily life is unprecedented. But what if you don’t need to purchase those tech gadgets anymore?

What if you could get the same tech gadget outcome and skip spending hundreds of dollars. Well, now you can. You can make a few simple tech gadgets from the comfort of your home. In fact, if you have a bit of tech know-how, you can pretty much make any tech gadget that is popular on today’s market.

You may need to have a bit of knowledge about tech product parts, like resistors for instance. But that may be enough to build a few tech gadgets at home. This is why we put together the following four tech gadgets you can make at home and not spend money on.

Let’s dive in!

1. Wi-Fi Antenna

Who doesn’t want stronger Wi-Fi, or the ability to access more Wi-Fi networks? Well, instead of purchasing a Wi-Fi antenna, you can simply just make one from the comfort of your home. And Wi-Fi antennas can be pretty much built out of anything, from tin cans to plastic soda bottles.

Why are Wi-Fi antennas useful? You can use them to extend your router’s range, thus boosting your Wi-Fi connection. Or you can pick up more free Wi-Fi connections with a Wi-Fi antenna. For example, what if you want to pick up that free Wi-Fi from the coffee shop next door? You can do that with a homemade antenna.

2. VR Headset

The gaming industry is booming, and more people are turning to gaming as a sport or hobby. One of the most popular types of gaming today is virtual reality (VR) gaming. To partake in VR gaming, however, you will need some VR equipment, like a VR headset.

The good news is that those expensive VR headsets can be made at home. You can even build your own VR headset for around $100. That is pretty cheap. There are two ways to go about building your very own VR headset. One way is to use a 3D printer. The 3D printer is needed to make the headset casing.

The other way is far less complicated. You can skip the 3D printer and use very heavy cardboard instead. You will also need VR code to get you moving in the right direction. This type of tech gadget build is pretty rewarding, since you will use your VR headset daily for your gaming needs.

3. Smartphone Movie Projector

An in-home movie projector can be used for family movie night, or they serve as a great edition to any man cave. But buying one may simply be out of the question due to the lofty price tag. But what if you could build one at home with your budget in mind? Well, you definitely can, and all you need is a smartphone and a few other items.

Get started by watching this 11-minute YouTube video from DIY Perks. You will also need to know that you have to dedicate a smartphone just for the movie projector.

You can’t have it both ways unfortunately. But it is well worth it, since you can pick up a smartphone for around $200 via Amazon for this tech gadget build. That is pretty good savings when you compare how much an actual movie projector system will cost you. 

4. Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are literally everywhere you turn these days. They are in homes, at the beaches, in parks, and so many other places. They have truly become universal tech gadgets that people have with them at all times. This makes having your own smart speaker a must. But they can be a bit expensive.

Want to build your very own smart speaker? You can. Here is a smart home instructional video from Hackaday to get you moving in the right direction. All you need is a few essentials, like a smartphone or tablet. But this build can definitely be done at home easily.

In Conclusion

The above four tech gadgets you can make at home and not spend money on are definitely worth the challenge. They are fun projects, whether you want to save money, or simply want to build a hobby tech gadget to share with friends. There are even more tech gadgets you can build at home. What tech gadget are you going to make a DIY project?


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