Things Apple Has Lined Up For 2018

2017 has been a remarkable year for Apple but 2018 will be better even with the things that are lined up by the Apple. There were some of the game changer produced Apple came up with, in the past year. Well, not to lie it was a pig in the poke with the existing software blunders. The question here is whether the Apple is still in the heed of outbursting with the new product or are going to slow down a bit. Predicting what’s cooking up with Apple is pretty difficult, but yet we have some of the sneaks peek of what is expected for 2018.

1) Revamped iPad

There are no divergent ways to the fact that Apple rules the tablet market, but with a hold on nuances entering the way, chances are less that it will be able to hold its position. iPad app development has been on hold when seen from the perspective of the design. The recent product that Apple rolled out was iPhone X and one of the outstanding factors of iPhone x was it being bezel-less. It is being heard the new design for iPad is around the corner and it is going to be bezel-less design. One of the added changes to be expected to be integrated into the newer iPad is A11 processor along with the elimination of home button and a wider display. Well, chances are there the announcement of this revamped iPad might be made along with the announcement of IOS 12.

2) Version 2 of iPhone X

Well, don’t get too much excitement just with the prediction. Apple is planning for the second version of the iPhone X, the name of which is still a mystery. It is expected that the size and shape of the second version will be almost similar with minor refinements. One of the major change will be integrating the newer and faster A12 system. It is expected that the screen size is going to be 6.5 inches with a high-resolution display and improved battery life. Just like Apple has done in the past, keeping their best features limited to larger models, hope it doesn’t repeat the same this time.

Things Apple Has Lined Up For 2018

Other juicy titbits that are under gossips are building a third iPhone having 6.1 display but with lower resolution. Instead of OLED, there will probably be LCD and yes not to forget replacing face ID instead of touch ID with slim bezels. This phone will be more budget friendly but still, you can expect somewhere around $700.

3) Siri is Going to be Updated

Yes, Siri has tough competition and right now placed at the third position after Google assistant and Alexa. Some of the prevailing issues with Siri at the current time is the inability to understand the speech accuracy. Also, it is unable to integrate with smart home appliances and other services. Once Siri used to give a competitive advantage, but now it is a competitive drawback. The work is on the way to make some serious advancement but what exactly is under suspense. I guess to know it, we would have to wait until the next Apple conference this summer.

4) Unifying the iOS and macOS Development

Good news for the developers, Apple is planning to unify app development system for iOS and macOS which is currently codenamed as Marzipan. Developers would finally be able to follow the concept of “write once and run anywhere”. Not more than a year and developers would be able to design just a single app which will work with a touchscreen or even with the trackpad or with a mouse based on what device you are using iPhone or iPad or even Mac.


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