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Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

Better App Store Optimization

You cannot just get away with coming out with your own app. You need a market to sell it too.

No wonder mobile marketing is fast becoming a crucial marketing campaign. To climb up the visibility ladder in an app store, you need to perform an optimization of your apps, to achieve better rankings and user visibility. This is what App Store Optimization (ASO) is all about. To convert people into customers, certain aspects of your App Store Page like the app icon, screenshots, keywords, description copy and title need to be optimized.


Things For Better App Store Optimization


Choose Keywords
Knowing what keywords to target is a very important aspect of ASO.  It is a good idea to put your main keyword in your app title. It could dramatically improve your search position. It is important to research your competitor’s keywords and adjust your preferences accordingly. There are a lot of tools like AppCod.es, SearchMan, MobileDevHQ and App Store Rankings that can help you with the keyword research process.

Effective Description
Within just a few paragraphs, your description should be able to attract users. Thus, it must be insightful, effective and elegant.

Icon and Title
The first thing that people will notice about your app is the icon, so make sure it is at the least, a memorable one.  The next thing visible to them will be the App name. Especially for non-games apps, the name needs to be as descriptive as possible. The words in the app name also act like keywords.

Screenshots give the users an overall view of what the app is like. They need to be clear, crisp and best express what the app does. You can use words within the screenshot to explain what the screen is about. You should have the best screenshots possible to make potential users want to download your app.

Reviews of App
Reviews not just influence customer decision; they are also a critical way in which the app ranks for searches within the App Store, so getting good reviews is essential. It is also useful to ask for ratings in your app since they are the best validation tool for visitors to your app page.

Ranking Factors
A large number of installs provides a better ranking and also evokes trust for further installs. A lot of new installs in a short time frame also puts you in the popularity list. Hence, growth spikes help you in achieving a good visibility on the app store.

All App Store Optimization takes is a little bit of research to make your app more visible on searches. With so many apps being released every day, an easy and low-cost avenue for app promotion like ASO will go a long way in making your app more popular.


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