Top Blackberry Apps And Potential Blackberry Offers

Blackberry has the user ship of over 50 million people today and is one of the most used mobile services worldwide. Though its user rate has seen a down fall in recent times, it was the first operating systems to come out with apps – a peculiar occurrence indeed. Today, Blackberry doesn’t even have Skype!

However, with the Blackberry Curve, there are signs of BlackBerry resurgence. Remember, Google’s CEO too uses Blackberry phones – and investing in an app in the platform might not actually be a bad idea. Here are a few apps, which are considered the best available apps in the blackberry app world. A look at them might just help you come out with your own idea of Blackberry app!

This app offers you free access to over 700 movies. You can stream them on your blackberry directly. Of course you won’t find the latest blockbusters but you find a decent collection of movies. The movies are divided according to genres and new movies are added each day.

MyAccountant is a paid app which will cost you $2. MyAccountant is a pocket accountant that will help you manage your budget and track your expense. It is very simple to use and you can even export your reports.

Paper Camera
Paper camera is an app originally released by android. It transforms your pictures into sketch style artworks, comic book style work or cartoon transformation. It has various photo filters and various settings. The app is a lot of fun and extremely entertaining.

Navita Translator
Navita translator is a free app that offers you the service to translate over 60 languages. You may type in text or copy it from a mail or a message, select the language and translate it. You also have a loudspeaker option where you can hear the pronunciation of words. This app is especially helpful for those who are travelling in foreign lands.

Feather Duster
Feather duster allows you to select topics you are interested in and form a galaxy of the latest hot and trending news about those topics. It keeps you continuously update. Its interface is just mind blowing.

Waze is the ultimate navigation app, with over 40,000 users constantly uploading current traffic status and the location for the best prices of gas. It has an in built voice navigator and routing system based on real time traffic conditions, you can also view road maps and locations of the nearest hospitals, police stations and accident prone areas.

Songza is a free app that allows nonstop streaming of unlimited music. You can choose music according to your mood, activity, genres or culture. It is best used on WI-FI.

Read it now!
Read it now allows users to save articles for reading them later. The user can access the saved articles on offline mode as well. You may customise the font according to your comfort, the simple design of the add and lack of adds makes this app an absolute winner!

The revolutionary app that is the BlackBerry messenger completely changed the world of instant messaging and took it to a new level.

It allows people to connect and chat, share files instantly and play multi-player games in real time with other BBM users. BBM lost its glory after the launch of Whatsapp – a similar app but with a major advantage it works on all operating systems without any monthly cost! And it is free for one year, and costing less than a dollar each year then on!

Blackberry might actually be a potential mine whole if you can utilize it well.


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