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US – App Prospects


Even in the downturn, the US market remains a strong contributor to the economy of the mobile apps. U.S people love technology and the need of efficient applications for the systems is a premier need of the people. So, what should you as an app developer be looking to? The prospects for the application development avenue in the U.S can remain very high in the near future. Here are a few reasons for this:

  1. Like Air and Water: The United States has a colossal number of people as students, business professionals, entrepreneurs and dealers etc. Due to the heavy reliance of the US economy on the IT and Communication sector, smart phones, smart computers and other smart gadgets have become amazingly common. Thus, the application softwares over the different markets are being required just like air and water. Android users look towards customizing their phones through some staggering apps which can solve all their problems. This is the reason why the future prospects of application creation, developing and management are going to be way over the top.
  2. Wide Ranging Scope: The future scope for the world of applications in a country like USA is considered to be very high. Let’s take the Android market as an instance. Still, there are some mobile companies which are not using Android as their mobile operating systems and premier market for apps. Instead, they are relying on their indigenously made operating systems. This competition between the different companies gives birth to a positive environment for any application entrepreneur to launch his application. He can have a variety of options to choose from as to which company is he best suited to, and which is also paying him well. It is a win-win situation for him!
  3. Fair Competition: As has been discussed earlier, there is a very tough competition for the survival in the application markets between different companies. In USA, the Android users account for 59% of the total mobile OS users. Similarly, the Apple’s iOS stand at number 2 with 23%, Symbian at 3 with 6.8%, Blackberry at 4 with 6.4%, and Microsoft at 5 with 2.2%. Looking at these figures, one can easily say that first of all, the trend for the app use and creation is at a high and second, there is fair competition between different superpowers of the IT arena. For an application developer, the most important thing is finding a market where his app can gain recognition and which can pay him back well.

With the advancement in technology and science, it is obvious that every other day, there would be a new need or problem which will have to be satisfied by the application market. This would mean that more and more new apps are going to be floated in the market with every passing day, especially in a country like USA. Get ready, app entrepreneurs!



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