5 Ways to Reduce Time-Consuming Tasks for Your Business

Roughly 90% of employees waste a considerable amount of time in the workplace. For some people, it’s about 30 minutes a day, but with others, it can be as much as 3 to 5 hours. This might not seem like much at first glance, but these numbers do add up over time. 

In a week it could total to about 15 hours or more of wasted productivity. Time is money, and time management should be approached with the same diligence as financial management is.

Here are some ways on how you can reduce time wastage at your business:

1. Use an ERP Software Like Odoo

One of the best ways to manage time-consuming tasks better for your business is to apply ERP software. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software like Odoo ranks among the best in this field. It’s a system of integrated applications designed to help manage the business process in relation to technology, human resources, and technology.  

Make your employees’ jobs simpler by giving them a unified desktop which places several software programs inside of one interface. Odoo is one such software that incorporates business functions that involve commerce, project management, billing, accounting, manufacturing, inventory management, and CRM. 

With Odoo, companies can cut heavily on costs and ultimately grow their company by streamlining business processes.

2. Engage Them on Social Media

Many employees waste time texting on their phones and browsing social media. You can take advantage of this by encouraging employees to promote your business and products or services when they post on social media. Advertising on social media can be beneficial in terms of marketing, branding, and promotion.

3. Cut Back on Meetings

According to the Harvard Business Review, executives spend almost 23 hours in meetings on a weekly basis which has contributed significantly to time wastage. Try to set your meetings with a clear agenda, invite list, participants, and purpose in mind. This way you can cut back on unnecessary time consuming company-related meetings.

4. Learn to Prioritize

Focusing on your immediate goals will help stop you from wasting time at the workplace. Doing the most important things first will allow you to work on the things that really matter. Neglecting larger goals can leave you with little time to focus on what’s most important. 

5. Have a Conducive Workplace

There is a direct correlation between work environment and performance, as shown by DeMarco and Lister, where more than 90 different companies completed tests in programming while working in various different places of employment. 

Findings revealed that those who performed at the top of the quartile felt that their efforts were recognized, as compared to those in the lower quadrants. Simply put, the more comfortable an employee is, the more productive they are at their work.

Increasing Productivity at Work Is Very Much Possible

As the leader of your team, it is your responsibility to set an example for your juniors and focus on incentives to encourage employees to do better. Do some research on your workplace and come up with techniques that work best for them. Communicate more honestly and help your employees prioritize tasks.

Following the guidelines laid out as per the points outlined above can help you maximize efficiency, productivity, and the overall output of your company.


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