Web Design Trends to Follow in 2021

Website maintenance is essential for almost every type of commerce. A web page not only reflects your brand but also conveys an image regarding your company’s expertise and makes customers aware of your business. Anyone who wants to buy something or is looking for a service provider usually searches the Internet. Therefore, the homepages of companies that are displayed on Google, have a greater chance of attracting customers. On the contrary, if you don’t have a professional website, you may lose customers to the competition. A company’s web page is often the first point of contact with the brand. If you want to make a great first impression, you should have a well-maintained and up-to-date online presence, since a completely outdated website can put off customers. Therefore, it is important to provide a creative web design that follows the latest trends.

The mobile revolution, in particular, has pushed web designers to radically rethink how to present a page that fits even the smallest screens without withholding valuable information. New trends can be observed that are already shaping tomorrow’s Internet. We present current trends to help you create a modern web design in 2021.

Six fantastic Web Design Trends 


It’s hard to imagine modern websites without animations. On high-quality websites, mobile apps, and digital ads, they are indispensable. You don’t have to include big sequences and often, they just offer small effects, which can have a great impact on the user experience. On an emotional level, animations address visitors better than simple images. Figuratively speaking, they give users a sense of dynamism.

New morphism

A new morphism is a neologism made up of the words new and skeuomorphism. In web design, skeuomorphism refers to a technique in which objects or materials from the real world are imitated and transferred to a digital level. The best example of this graphic design technique is provided by Apple. Anyone who has had the in-house operating system installed on their iPhone is confronted with examples of skeuomorphism. Most of the apps’ icons on the screen are imitations of real-world objects: the camera lens stands for the camera, the music notes for the iTunes Store, the telephone receiver for the phone, and the bookshelf for the iBooks app. You can find icons like this at flat icons.

A new morphism is a combination of skeuomorphism and flat design. This model is characterized by a reduction of the design to the essentials. The clever use of light, shadow, and rounded corners instead of sharp contours gives the new design model a much softer character. At the same time, strong contrasts are avoided, making the composition more aesthetic and modern. This year, you will find this stylized realism in search bars, buttons, and text fields of various digital designs.

Socially and ecologically motivated designs

Social and environmental issues, such as climate change, or forest fires in Australia arouse interest and awareness. Such social issues are also reflected in web design, as they function well as eye-catchers. With this in mind, designers around the world are rising to the challenge of contributing their talents to the improvement of their community. Brands focus web designs on their values, such as sustainability or social engagement. Companies receive great attention and at the same time improve their image.

Parallax animation

The Parallax effect is interactive in web design. It involves positioning different objects in front of each other on different layers. When they move at a different speed, the impression of depth is created. The objects progress at different speeds concerning each other, simulating spatiality and movement.

Websites with parallax scrolling can be controlled using the scroll function. The elements of a website act at a different speed. The background moves slowly, while images or graphic elements in the foreground progress much faster. The movement and speed of the scrolling are thus not predefined but controlled by the viewer, using the mouse wheel or the scroll bar. Elements on the foreground layers glide across the screen faster than elements on the background layers, creating a three-dimensional space impression.

We are familiar with this effect from our everyday lives, for example, when we look out of the window during a train ride. Nearby objects seem to move much faster than distant objects. Now the parallax scrolling effect is also being used in the field of web design. The goal is to convey spatial depth with two-dimensional means of representation. But beware! Excessive use can have a negative impact on the performance of your website. It’s important to think about a good concept before introducing it. Otherwise, you might overwhelm your visitors. 

Intelligent Chatbots

A web design trend that has also emerged as a result of the technical advancement of computer-aided artificial intelligence is chatbots. Already widespread for several years, these chatbots now enjoy growing popularity even on small websites. A chatbot is a text-based dialog system that allows chatting with a technical establishment. In 2021, chatbots will continue to improve the usability of websites, especially as they provide excellent customer service and create potential new customers.

Interactive Questionnaires

With interactive questionnaires, data and information are processed by artificial intelligence and can be integrated into a website. The questionnaires can help visitors to find exactly the service or product they are looking for. This way, potential buyers feel taken care of without having to actively engage. A connection with the brand or business can be established. Website operators, in turn, can offer suitable products based on the customers’ likes and dislikes.

They give the impression to users that they are in demand, which is an important feature of good customer support. At the same time, questionnaires are crucial marketing tools for acquiring valuable leads. Interactive questionnaires are already very successful and will become a standard in web design.


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