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What Are The iPad Mini’s Up Against Nexus 7

iPad Mini

iPad Mini a smaller iPad, with lower price measuring 7.9 inches has screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels per inch same as that of iPad and iPad2. It is 23 % thinner and 53% lighter than iPad. iPad Mini comes with a beautiful display, Powerful A5 chip which is known for its fast and fluid performance, Face Time HD camera, iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording which lets you capture unbelievable and spectacular lifetime moments with automatic video stabilization, features Wi-fi  that is up to twice as fast as any previous generation iPad with Dual band and download speeds up to 150 Mbps.

iPad Mini’s Up Against Nexus 7

If you want to connect to the internet even if you don’t have access to Wi-fi choose iPad Mini with Wi-fi + Cellular which makes  ultra fast wireless connections including LTE7 and other advanced wireless networks, One of the main concerns surrounding the smaller iPad was whether the developers  would be forced to update their applications for the new screen size. However, the new display has the same resolution as the iPad2 making updates unnecessary. As a result users can take advantage of over 275,000 apps ready to download from the App Store. iPad Mini is an iPad in every way, shape, and slightly smaller form.

The iPad Mini is the only device among the 7-inch tablets that even offers 4G cellular connectivity as an option–although you have to pay an additional $130 premium to get it. $459 is substantially more than $199 or $249, but if users need GPS capabilities, or to be able to connect to sites and resources without access to a Wi-fi network or without relying on a smart phone or portable hotspot device to provide the connectivity, the iPad Mini is the only viable option.

If your business has already embraced the iPhone and iPad, and has already invested in iOS apps to get the job done, the iPad Mini might be a perfect combination of price and capabilities for your tablet needs.


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