What Makes Clashot One Of The Best Photo App Ever?

There was a time when memories could not be recorded visually. And today we live in a world, where everyone has a camera in their hands and we do not have to wait for one week for our camera rolls to be developed. It has been a long journey from film to digital and we have come into a world that believes in instant gratification. Especially with the smart phones, sharing pictures with loved ones or even strangers across seven seas is only one touch away.

Clashot App

The Features
Be it a passion for photography or just random clicks that you take to capture special moments, Clashot is an app that allows you to not just share, but even earn money by simply taking photos and gathering ratings for them. After all, we are all taking pictures and putting them up on social networking sites or Instagram anyway; What Clashot does is to provide you with a vast marketplace for the ones that you think might be worth something. It is a great way to connect with people who share the same interest and master your art. You get a pictorial feed of what is happening around the globe, in real time! Clashot gives you a platform to put your talent on display, gives you a means to mint money out of that talent, and also enrich it.

What App Entrepreneurs can Learn?
You have to make an app that is easy to use and can gather the fans. This is where Clashot scores. With the app, all you have to do is take pictures, upload them to their service and they provide exposure for your work. Other users can rate your pictures and comment on them, and bring them to the notice of media buyers all over the world. The application allows for an extensive interactivity between users. Anyone can buy your photos and the profits are split between Clashot and you.  Newspapers, magazines, websites, and book publishers are always looking for fresh photos, and Clashot provides an immense pool of available pictures.

The included filters and editing controls are certainly good. Uploaded pictures are grouped into ‘reports’, folders with titles and tags. The reports can be themed around specific locations, events, people etc. Classifying your pictures and adding descriptions makes them easier to be seen by the Clashot community. The photo report feature lets you use pictures from both library (which is quite impressive) and camera roll. It also allows you to share the photo-events on social networking sites.

The app brings photo networking to a whole new level. It allows you to see the world through the eyes of someone halfway across the globe, and make dealings. Overall, an incredibly interactive application that gives you the best of both worlds and one app entrepreneurs can take inspiration from. There is always a market for great apps!


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