Why Do App Crash? Even the Confirmed Ones

Despite being based on the tightly knitted coding, apps do crash. An app crashes even when engineers confirm that they have thoroughly tested it to deliver prominent consistency.  And it happens whether the app is running on iPhone or Android phones. So, apps do crash but, why?

Many users grumble that their phones crash apps more than others while, some users never experience any such issue. But smartphones themselves aren’t fully responsible to crash an app. In fact, a considerable amount of apps crash due to glitches in themselves. Here are the top of the reasons making an app crashed.

The Application Request:

The key reason causing an app to crash is unevenness in demand and supply. This theory applies on almost every product. If an app has not been customized for an overwhelming moment by its developers, it will continue slamming. In case an app receives heavy traffic but has not been treated to withstand it, the app is most likely to crash. This issue can be solved when developers improve the code of the app.

Poor Internet Connectivity:

This issue exists at clients’ devices. In case a smartphone drops network or network is slower but the app requires connectivity, there are chances that app will stop functioning.

Switching Between Network Data and Wi-Fi

Users have two ways to connect their mobile devices to the internet. First, the SIM based network and the second, Wi-Fi. Many users keep switching their devices between these networks and then they experience apps to crash. Again, developers need to better code their apps to handle the network switchovers of a device.

Apps Running with Buggy Code:

If testing processes isn’t followed in standard manner, there are chances the some bugs go unnoticed and the app is published and availed to users with them. But bugs are still their which will naturally cause an app to crash.  The escape from this situation is that developers perform rigorous testing process throughout the app development process.

The Bad Front End:

The deficiency in implementing front-end may also cause an app crashing. In case mobile app developers don’t provide required treatment to the front-end, there are chances that the end app will crash. This is by expert developers always stress on making apps user-friendly in terms of UI, UX and every other thing.

Issues with Integrations:

Another key reason making crashes to an app is the badly integrated back-end. If the back-end is not ready to handle the requests sent by front-end, it will slow the app, and even stop or crash it.

Program Incompatibility:

If it’s a web based mobile app, it may be crashing because of being not tested thoroughly across the browsers. Incompatibility of the app or one of its parts may crash it.

Gadget Incompatibility:

Some issues exist at device ends too. For example, a device with outdated or unsupported software environment may cause crashes to the application. Often time, this issue is seen in Android powered low end devices. It’s hard to defeat this issue because an OS like Android is used by thousands of device-manufacturers around the world who then make changes to the core software to run it in the hardware environment of their devices.

Too Many Apps in the Device

Many users have tendency to keep downloading apps and the forgetting about them. But these apps do stay in their devices and of course eat up valuable resources like RAM, memory, data and various others things. When there are too many of such apps, there are certain chances that many of them will not work property. After all, no device is made to store all apps on stores, are they? The way-out is that users uninstall the apps they do not use.

Poor Internet Connectivity:

This issue exists at clients’ devices. In case a smartphone drops network or network is slower but the app requires connectivity, there are chances that app will stop functioning.






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