Why Do Health Sector Need Mobile Apps?

It’s something natural to cripple about mobile app snatching away person’s privacy and distracting them from the present moment. Why don’t we put it away then, if we just want to add fuel to the fire? It’s you groaning about mobile apps and it’s you not putting it aside even for the dinner time. Well, all this is nothing but beating the dead horse. Criticism doesn’t overtake the benefits that they avail.

Coming to the health apps, all one can think of is fitness trackers. Wake up! Move on! They have much more to offer and who are the real beneficiaries of these health apps, just the doctors, and hospitals? Let me give you a rude awakening, patients are also having a flair of comfort and ease with health apps. Health app development agency has a lot more to offer than fitness tracking but it’s the users who don’t acknowledge it. Health apps have been on the market for quite a time now but the download rates slowed down in 2016 as compared to that with 2015. Well, in the flood of apps, what is really needed is R&D on why is mobile app needed in the health sector and how to make the apps that actually solves real life problems of the patient and compels the people to download it. Well, the R&D session is already accomplished and here’s what we got: The latest trends in the health apps sector taking these apps to the next level.

How Health Sector Need Mobile Apps

1) Geolocation

When it’s about an emergency, it doesn’t knock and come. Health apps have hence integrated geolocation feature to guide you which are the nearest hospitals? How much will it take to reach there? Which is the nearest blood bank? Or where you will get prescribed medicines? Health apps now solve location based queries. GPS is also integrated into these apps to keep a track on what activities you are doing and where you are and are you doing any activities which are forbidden by the doctor. Well, yes it’s a hindrance in privacy but for your own good.

2) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in health apps literally personalizes patient care through speech recognition. AI in health apps also helps in detecting the patient’s disease. Well, it can also be your mom and remind you to take your medicines on time. There can be specific schedule specifying you to do activities related to health and a specific disease.

Mobile Apps For Health Sector

3) Video chats

This is one of the most prominent features of health apps. There can be instances where during the on going sessions of treatment, you have to travel or shift to some other place. It’s not possible to reach to the doctor physically and in such circumstance, video chat is the best option you can get. There is an additional cost of coming up with such apps and specialized content should be extracted from the professional and inserted in the app. There are also some of the needs from the doctor’s side to be taken into consideration.

4) Encryption

Not one or two or three have complained about security breach but a plethora of people have the same issue. Many users have an issue with the Facebook tracking the coffee drinking pattern. Well, this is a minor issue, just think what if news like pregnancy, abortion, HIV or cancer goes viral. These are very sensitive personal information and any breach of this information is not viable in any case. Hence, from the intuitive stage of mobile app development all the data should be encrypted to tighten the security knots.





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