Why Should You Have Landing Page For Your Mobile App?

The question is why shouldn’t you? More conversions, more reach, easy to create, user friendly – what not! Landing pages opens up new options for your business. Mobile apps can be available for a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. However, for effective marketing, mobile apps should not only be user friendly and efficient in operation but also help in promoting your business.  Landing pages help in achieving exactly this. It helps your mobile app to reach wider market with online presence out of any particular app stores. It also helps creating your own brand of mobile apps.

Landing pages – Ah, the power they have!

The primary goal of a landing page is to encourage smartphone users to download the application. Landing pages are especially useful if you are looking for endorsing and selling products/services or boosting brand value.

So, what are the ingredients to have an effective landing page? After all, a landing page by itself alone cannot help the company make huge profits. If the app doesn’t look tempting in the respective app store or has an unimpressive mobile site, there are chances that the company might have a hard time getting downloads. An intelligent marketer will not only emphasize on the design of the landing page but also on the content it has. A brilliant landing page of your mobile apps will surely translate into a greater success rate for you.

mobile app landing pages

Being smart while designing your landing page

 Position the landing pages strongly. The message has to be simple.Its always better to have all the features listed on the landing page with some of the users review. It will help your potential user to download app more confidently. You have to portray that your product is better than your competitors through the landing page. Landing pages provide a wider reach so be sure to woo in more customers. The conversion ratio has to be good!

Promoting your products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, among others could help but it is the Landing page which changes the customer’s view from just thinking to taking action and buying your services! So yes, the importance of landing pages of you app is huge!

These are some of the best landing page designs of mobile app. Which is your favourite mobile app landing page design?



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