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Top Blackberry Apps And Potential Blackberry Offers

Top Blackberry Apps

Blackberry has the user ship of over 50 million people today and is one of the most used mobile services worldwide. Though its user rate has seen a down fall in recent times, it was the first operating systems to come out with apps – a peculiar occurrence indeed. Today, Blackberry doesn’t even have Skype! However, with the Blackberry Curve, ... Read More »

Hiring An App Developer? Must Knows

Hiring App Developer

App development is no cakewalk. You as an app entrepreneur will invest a lot of time and money in your endeavor to develop the app. App developers tend to charge a lot and if you are investing in one, it is advisable you go for the best and make sure some basic requirements are met so that you get a ... Read More »

Instagram Tells App Developers Not To Use ‘Insta’ Or ‘Gram’ In Their Names – Why?


Instagram is one of the most popular apps and one of the few that you will find on all the operating systems including Android, Windows, Apple and Blackberry. Instagram recently changed its guidelines and sent out notices to all third party apps stating that they are no more allowed the use of the words ‘INSTA’ or ‘GRAM’ or the initials ... Read More »

The Apps For App Entrepreneurs!

Apps For App Entrepreneurs

We have talked about how you can make apps that fetch the money. We talked about how you can hire a great app developer. And we talked about the latest news in the app world. Now, we will talk about some apps for app entrepreneurs themselves! Apps not only entertain you but also make your life more manageable and easy, ... Read More »

Choosing A Niche – Profitability Vs. Personal Interest

Choosing A Niche

Choosing between profitability and personal interest is a question each app entrepreneur has to face. Is it the money solely that you are looking to make through the app? Or is it the personal satisfaction you will achieve from working on something you are genuinely interested in? If it is money that you are looking for, go for a niche ... Read More »

Networking Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

Networking Mistakes

A good network is the foundation of every successful business. As good as it sounds you can’t just build your complete business at home without interacting with anybody else. You need a good deal of contacts to pull your way through, for sponsorship, for getting a good staff etc. So here are a few networking mistakes most entrepreneurs make and ... Read More »

How You Should Be Using LinkedIn – But Probably Aren’t?


Yes, LinkedIn is still the place to find talent and hire one. However, many people make a page on LinkedIn because their inbox was spammed with invites and inquiries from potential clients. As an app developer, you might have been approached by prospective client and as an app developer; you might have found the right app developer for you there. ... Read More »

Branding Your App – A Look

Branding Your App

Branding your app is like giving your app a brand new personality. One of the ways of building your own brand name is by combining the visual look, the entire feel and the tone of the app – in a definite way. Branding your app is what makes your app different and it is what will attract consumers. If you ... Read More »

5 Simple Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

A product sells only when it is marketed well – even if you have got a great product and nobody knows about it, it won’t ever sell! Marketing gives your product a personality; it is what makes the product appealing and desirable. It is important that you invest a good sum of money and time on marketing your app and ... Read More »

Why Every Start Up Marketer Needs To Learn SQL?

Learn SQL

Learning SQL for marketers is like house help for a working family, it’s not that you can’t survive without them but they make life for you so much simpler. To build a successful app, it is very important that a proper detailed research is conducted about your prospect market- what they like, what they dislike, what they are attracted towards ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing