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Predictive Analytics: Next Big Thing In App Development

Predictive Analytics

App development, these two words evokes fear in the heart, of almost anyone. Why so? Because mobile is tough, the pace is rapid, users needs are undefined and the tech transforms at every tick-tock of the clock….tenacious to tackle all at once right? With the ocean of apps, sinking seems so obvious. Now, even with lifeguard, your app gets drowned. ... Read More »

3 C’s of Content Crafters: Crisp, Clear and Curious

Content writing

“Oh, writer when you write like that, you make the readers go mad, so be wise and keep on reading the signs of this blog.” Does it sound familiar? Yes, it does remind you of the hips don’t lie by Shakira. I know, you guys love her and beat me up for copying her (Partially, I have made my additions). ... Read More »

Mobile App Development: Keep it Simple


App development is a simplistically complicated process. Bumfuzzled, right? Whether it is simple or complicated? Here is the straightforward answer, app development is easy with right resources and it is extremely difficult devoid of those resources. When you set out for the war, make sure you are equipped with the right type of arms and ammunition to win it. App ... Read More »

Convert PDF to Word With Ease Using Your iPhone


In one of my previous articles I gave you the tips on how to edit Excel tables on iPad, but now I want to show you some workarounds when it comes to editing PDF documents and for that little trick you will only need your iPhone. Nowadays, most people use MS Word to create their text documents. We use it ... Read More »

SEO vs SMO: Which is Better For Driving Traffic?


A website without traffic is like a body without a soul, totally useless. SEO and SMO are two most important tools driving the digital world and a matter of concern for webmasters and bloggers. These are the strategies, deciding the amount of traffic your website or blog receives. Before we jump on to what and how does both of them ... Read More »

Mompreneurs: How Do They Maintain Work and Personal Life Balance?

working mother

Moms are the real superheroes and you can’t counter question this statement. Managing home and kids is not an easy-peasy job and when they run a successful business alongside, it’s like adding a feather to the cap. Your face remains wide open when you see a person juggling with different balls and not letting fall any of them. Entrepreneur moms ... Read More »

Things Apple Has Lined Up For 2018

apple products 2018

2017 has been a remarkable year for Apple but 2018 will be better even with the things that are lined up by the Apple. There were some of the game changer produced Apple came up with, in the past year. Well, not to lie it was a pig in the poke with the existing software blunders. The question here is ... Read More »

Android App Permissions: Know What You are Giving Access To


Apps these days have access to more information than you actually know. The entire system initiated with the marshmallow version of Android when Google enabled the Android devices with added abilities over the information and asking for permissions for the same. Well, it’s not just the apps that got the liberty to ask for permission for accessing the data, but ... Read More »

Android App Development Guidelines by Google: Get Started Android Developers


Change always remain constant. We all have heard it but Google is the one who implements it. Here are some of the major ones on board again. There are some massive declarations that have been made by Google which are about to change the way how Android app development companies work. The updates announced by the Google are supposed to ... Read More »

Mobile App Testing: Always and Forever

app testing

The testing community has experienced an entire bunch of nuances by integration of AI and automation. There has been plenty of ups and downs, advancements and upliftments, challenges and issues, but the past year was remarkable and upcoming year is going to be record-breaking. The emerging trend in mobile app testing is automated testing tools and adoption of DevOps with ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing