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Succeeding With An iTunes Affiliate Program

iTunes Affiliate Program

The belief that a successful website requires a lot of investment of money, or that you need to be a web programming genius to do so, is often unfounded. There is in fact a way to make money off the traffic that your website receives. Affiliate programs or associate programs are arrangements in which an online merchant Web site pays ... Read More »

Advertisements On The iPad – A Year By Year Evaluation

Advertisements On The iPad

As each year asses by, we find ourselves more and more engrossed in our smartphones and tablets. Initially, there were just ordinary phones which meant an extraordinary deal for people, but gradually technology paved way for better and more innovative devices and we found ourselves in a position we are today. Everybody, may that be a child, or an adult, ... Read More »

How Twitter Can Help You Get More Downloads?

Get More Downloads From Twitter

Twitter today, is one of the most widely used platforms for online communication. Its 140 characters strategy makes communication short, easy and sweet. The limit makes it good for creativity and brevity and gets the idea cross in the simplest way. And since you can talk to anyone, jumping into a conversation which grabs your interest is fairly easy. It ... Read More »

Steps To Take If Apple Rejects Your App

Apple App Rejection

You worked hours to create the most amazing app, with all your hard work and a lot of time invested in it, only to have apple reject it. You are devastated, shattered. You have two choices now. Either you sit on your back and cry over spilt milk or you can be pro-active and try to come up with ways ... Read More »

App On Pinterest – The New Thing To Do

App On Pinterest

Pinterest is a time-sucking app which leads to a surprised look at the clock. Wondering where you’re hours slipped by? Probably when you were too busy gazing at glorious landscapes and mentally planning your vacations? Or, how about the time when multiple uses of lemons squeezed your attention for a little too long? Because Pinterest works on the principal of ... Read More »

Google Play To Overtake iOS App Store Anytime Soon

Google Play To Overtake iOS App Store

Google Play, or Android Market as it was earlier known, started in Autumn 2008 with the release of the first Android-powered smart phone – the HTC Dream. Today, Google Play has over 800,000 apps. Although Apple’s App Store has always been one step ahead of Android in terms of the number of apps, Android’s app store is fast gaining momentum. ... Read More »

Killer App Store Descriptions – How To Describe Your App?

Killer App Store Descriptions

You’ve made your app. You’ve designed it as well. The customer is torn between two choices. Now, what is going to give you some extra edge? What is going to assure that the customer waves the flag in your apps direction? It all in the end amounts to the description of an app. You’ve described your app in the best ... Read More »

What Apple’s $8 Billion To Developers Means?

Apple's $8 Billion To Developers

In a Question-Answer session at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it public that Apple has paid out $8 billion till date to developers. This number displays an increase of $1 Billion since the last time the numbers were revealed in January – quite a clear and remarkable increase in developer payouts. As of ... Read More »

What Samsung’s Flexible Display Might Mean To You As An App Developer

Samsung Flexible Display

Every few years, there comes a new technology in the market that brings about a revolution in the technological industry. This time, it might just be flexible displays. Big names like Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and Sony are working on coming up with a successful and cost-effective version of this technology. Instead of glass, the flexible display uses super-thin plastic which ... Read More »

Android Shipments To Hit Record Numbers As iPad Sales Dips

Android Tablet vs iPad

Tablet computers have been around for about twenty years, but it was Apple that pioneered the modern tablet revolution. Now, it seems that the Android might just be turning up the heat a little on iOS. With the shipment of Apple’s tablet dipping, as smaller devices are catching on with more consumers, devices running Google’s Android are expected to grow ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing