Everything You Need To Know About Apple iPhone 7 Launch Event

All the social networks were flodded with the expected launch of iPhone & few other amazing apple products. Well, it happened to be true and much more realistic than the fans could anticipate. The San Francisco event has dominated the world to buy more apple products and purchase a new one if you haven’t got any. This will increase more competition among the iPhone app development companies across the globe.

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Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 and today, every layman is aware about the brand and its revenue. There were many things to watch out for, in this event as the speculations about many mind boggling products and features were aired. It all ended when it announced the launch of Next Generation iPhone,  Airpods,  wireless earphones and the Apple Watch Series 2. You can visit review sites for these products. Visit this to get best portable tv reviews.  Let’s go through each and every product in detail. It will be more fun.

Need To Know About Apple iPhone 7 Launch Event


Starting at a price of 60,000 INR (for 32 GB internal storage), the iPhone 7 will be available with the ameliorate battery life,  stunning stereo speakers, an updated home button and water,  dust protection and improved processing speeds. iPhone is getting a faster processor. It will have stereo speakers for the first time, with two times  the volume of iPhone 6S speakers. The new iPhones will have 1-2 hours of additional battery life over 2015 models.


The bigger and more bountiful announcement was about ‘Airpods’. That’s right, you heard it right. Rest in Peace 3.5 mm jack and the slot where earphones are plugged. This is one of the revolutionary step forward in the technological era. Apple is known for this – making unexpected, drastic and fascinating changes that other brands can’t just think to get into the competition.

The AirPods will smoothly pass along with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Macbook and others. The AirPods also let you cite Siri by tapping on them. Lightning and wireless EarPods were introduced  that snugly sit in your ears without the tangle of wires.

Camera and Storage

Both the iPhones come equipped with a new flash with four LEDs rather than two for greater brightness. In previous models, the flash will conform its colour to match completely enveloping light. It also comes with Optical Image Stabilisation for less blurry pictures.   The iPhone 7 Plus will have two lenses to supercharge the zoom capabilities of the camera. The camera can now zoom in twice as much without losing sharpness. Even the selfie camera on the front has been upgraded to 7 megapixels for better low-light photography.

Apple is doubling storage in higher-priced models, too, to 128 and 256 gigabytes. Storage has been doubled, so Apple brings together competitor phone makers in making the starter model 32 gigabytes, rather than 16 gigabytes before.

Apple Watch

With more fitness and health capabilities, Apple Watch can survive up to 50 metres under water.  Display has been made brighter and a dual-core processor has been added to make it run faster. The Series 2 watches will use ceramic instead of gold for the luxury “Edition” version. It also has a built-in GPS that helps users track their workout progress without an iPhone.

Upgraded OS

Besides new hardware announcements, Apple also announced the launch of the iOS 10 for iPhone users and the Watch OS 3.0 release is slotted for this month. A10 Fusion processor in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus claims to bring console level gaming to the smartphone. The Pokemon Go app lets you collect items from Pokestops, hatch eggs and alert you to nearby Pokemon. Apple appears to be aggressively going after its prospects in the gaming industry by bringing Mario to the iPhone — set for this December — and Pokemon Go to the Apple Watch.

You can always watch A-Z of the event on Apple’s official site here. You may notice that the newest iPhone – iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro was released a couple of days ago. For users who want to upgrade to iPhone 11 from iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you’re suggested to use IOTransfer to copy important data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Plus, you can make it wirelessly.


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