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Pre-Launching An App – A Good Idea

Pre-Launching An App

You have spent a huge amount of money and all your time in developing your app and now you have submitted it to the app store. You may think it is now time to sit back and relax, but it’s not. It is now time to market your app and invest all you got has left in marketing. A recent ... Read More »

iOS 7 App Icon Facelift – How Good Is It?

iOS 7 App Icon Facelift

Apple has introduced a lot of changes with its new iOS 7, especially in design. The interphase is completely different from that of iOS 6, and its icons are already a huge subject of debate. For app developers, the design changes in the new iOS 7 may have some significant effects. The visual front of your app on the app ... Read More »

Proven Ways To Make Your iPhone App A Success

Ways To Make Your iPhone App Success

You look at all these bestselling apps, and you are tempted to make your own version. There is a small glitch however – there are hundreds of thousands of developers who are thinking of doing the exact same thing. A successful app may seem rosy and perfect, but a lot of work goes into building it. It takes weeks or ... Read More »

What Apple’s $8 Billion To Developers Means?

Apple's $8 Billion To Developers

In a Question-Answer session at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it public that Apple has paid out $8 billion till date to developers. This number displays an increase of $1 Billion since the last time the numbers were revealed in January – quite a clear and remarkable increase in developer payouts. As of ... Read More »

Apple New Guidelines – What To Be Aware Of?

App Store Review Guidelines

Over time, Apple has received a lot of criticism about how it runs the App store, by angry developers who say its application review is nothing but transparent, and that rejections occur without clear reasoning. So when the new App store review guidelines, written in a rather unusual y casual style for a document, were released-it came as a relief ... Read More »

Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

Better App Store Optimization

You cannot just get away with coming out with your own app. You need a market to sell it too. No wonder mobile marketing is fast becoming a crucial marketing campaign. To climb up the visibility ladder in an app store, you need to perform an optimization of your apps, to achieve better rankings and user visibility. This is what ... Read More »

Google Fiber TV App – What Makes It Different?

Google Fiber TV App

At some point in time, every person has experienced the frustration of losing the television remote. Well, it’s bad enough when you lose one of the many remotes, but ever thought about losing your universal remote? Google is working to help alleviate some of these frustrations, and the company has recently launched its new Fiber TV app for iPad. The ... Read More »

Amazon Appstore – The Pros and Cons

Amazon Appstore

When the word Amazon is mentioned, you will probably think, ‘oh the grandfathers of online retailing’. And you are right to think so because as far as one can remember that’s how we have always viewed Amazon. When the app world took off, I bet not one person ever thought of apps being sold on Amazon for Android phones. But ... Read More »

Improving Revenues Through Price Changes

Improving Revenues Through Price Changes

There are apps whose sales figures seem to move at a tortoise speed, which is never good for developers. Developers need to see revenue coming from the app so they have enough financial resources to keep working on the app, so its next version can be hotter. Revenue from apps can be improved significantly by reducing the app price. The ... Read More »

Improving App Store Optimization(ASO)

Improving App Store Optimization

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter which app store or market a developer takes their app, if it’s not getting the visibility that will lead to the traction it needs. Increasing or securing visibility in the first place is not that easy with the app market getting flooded every day. How then do developers go about improving their apps’ optimization (ASO)? ... Read More »

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