Pre-Launching An App – A Good Idea

You have spent a huge amount of money and all your time in developing your app and now you have submitted it to the app store.

You may think it is now time to sit back and relax, but it’s not. It is now time to market your app and invest all you got has left in marketing.

A recent study showed that the top app developers spend 14% of their time and money from the whole on marketing their app. Your app is like just your small business you have to market it, you have to tell people about it and show them the magic your app can do only then will people download it.

So Here Are A Few Things You Can Do Before The Launch Of Your App:

Start A Countdown
Advertise on the app store about your upcoming app link the ad to your app website and have a countdown – make sure your page is not too hotch – potch.

Make it simple and clear, with attractive visuals and an interactive user face.  Allow the user to receive count down notifications and put in a video with a sneak peak of your app.

Social Media
Exploit social media to the maximum, build your apps’ twitter profile, Facebook page and consider posting photos on Pinterest as well.

Keep your prospective customers updated and offer them previews of the apps. Advertising on these sites will also do wonders. Have your entire friends and colleagues share the links. You can also begin a chain of email as well.

Make Amazingly Awesome Graphics
Make sure that your entire app, starting from the logo to the interface, is attractive and has a smooth UI so that users do not hesitate to download the app. If you are not very good at designing graphics, get someone else to do it for you. The design of your logo does indeed say a lot about your app.

Preview Version
Develop an extremely small preview version of your app and tie up with leading mobile stores and electronic stores where customers are allowed to play it on tester smart phones. You can also make this preview version available on your Facebook page as well.

Create As Much Hype As You Can
A positive hype can work wonders! Create a lot of hype, organise contests online or start an app ambassador search to get the word of mouth going. Facebook is extremely beneficial in such cases. You can give out app merchandises to the winners too.

Be Prepared For The App Store
When your app will be launched, it will have a description and screenshots. Make sure that what you state is what you give as reviews on the app store matters a lot. Write a short and simple description that is to the point and explains the app very well. Make sure your screenshots are extremely appealing and  also displays the different functions of your app.

All of the steps above will lead to a well marketed app which will be downloaded in large numbers.


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