Amazon Appstore – The Pros and Cons

When the word Amazon is mentioned, you will probably think, ‘oh the grandfathers of online retailing’. And you are right to think so because as far as one can remember that’s how we have always viewed Amazon. When the app world took off, I bet not one person ever thought of apps being sold on Amazon for Android phones. But that’s because we limited our thinking to only the mobile tech companies, forgetting that the truth in all we do including developing apps lies in, innovation beyond what we all assume to be the norm. Amazon has probably made it easier for other retailers to get into the app business, more competition but all the same, what do will think of the store to date?

Amazon Appstore

The Pros of Amazon Appstore


Amazon has done what every other app store has failed to deliver on so far. When you search for a popular app, instead of getting a gazillion results, it gives you exactly what you are looking for, period! Cleaner and straightforward searches are what developers and users have been crying for from app stores and now you finally have it. It gives a new meaning to quality over quantity.

All app stores excluding Amazon have limited space for app descriptions and user comments. What an amazing way to help the developer put in more keywords with their descriptions and users to really speak their mind – which in turn helps the developers further when they do upgrades.


Whereas other app stores rarely give the paid-for apps for free, Amazon is on the extreme end giving away a free app everyday. We all know how big apps such as Angry Birds are – now imagine getting them for free! Super!

Amazon Appstore

New Gifting Mode

Amazon has made gifting so much easier than before. No longer does one have to buy someone a gift they don’t want or appreciate because if one knows that their friend/family member has been dying to have a certain app, they can get them an App Voucher as a gift.

The Cons of Amazon Appstore

No Return Policy
There are no words for this one. The worst part is that people will hate the app they can’t get rid of not Amazon, which could be detrimental to developers as word goes around on apps to not try because of this policy, whereas if this policy didn’t exist people would still give the app a shot despite what their peers were saying.

This is no news, so many countries globally can’t buy from Amazon except if friends say in The States or the UK gift them vouchers – well the same applies to apps.

Installation Process
It’s longer than any user can anticipate which ends up costing developers, as it will put off users. Hope things will change with time.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)
Unless a user has the Amazon app installed and they are logged into their account, they won’t be able to download the app they want. This is a disadvantage to both the developers in sales losses and the user in time consumption.


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