Google Fiber TV App – What Makes It Different?

At some point in time, every person has experienced the frustration of losing the television remote. Well, it’s bad enough when you lose one of the many remotes, but ever thought about losing your universal remote?

Google is working to help alleviate some of these frustrations, and the company has recently launched its new Fiber TV app for iPad. The app allows users to control their television watching experience right from their iPad. Before this release, the Fiber TV app was available only for Android devices, but now iPad users can share in this luxury. The app brings us some interesting insights on just what app entrepreneurs could do to rake in the money and build a more solid customer base! Come on, if you are worried your app will be deleted soon by the smart phone owners, as most surveys suggest, apps like the Google Fiber app can just prove you wrong!

The App in The iOS Store

Available for free download from Apple’s App Store, the Google Fiber TV app allows users to trade out their chunky remotes for a beautifully designed iPad app. Users of this app can use the new technology to find shows that are airing live, shows that have been previously recorded on the DVR, or shows/movies that are available on demand. The app can also be used to purchase and watch on demand content, ensuring no need for a real remote while watching television ever again.

It is no surprise that Google has developed this app for its users. Many media companies offer similar applications that allow their subscribers to interact with their content at a level far beyond what a basic remote can do. The app is very nicely designed, sleek, well organized. The goal of this app was to make the users’ life easier, and it appears to do just that.

The Google Fiber TV app is very niche specific, of course. The app is designed specifically for individuals who have a subscription to Google Fiber TV service as well as an iPad. The service is currently available only in select areas of Kansas City. It has been revealed, however, that Austin, Texas is next to receiving Google’s Internet and TV service, followed shortly by Provo, Utah. This expansion will begin in 2014.

Google Fiber TV App

Because of the location limitation, the app may not generate as many downloads as others, but users who do download and use the app will certainly appreciate the ease and functionality of it. There is no word as to whether this app will become available for iPhone users.

Google Fiber was first announced for Kansas back in July of 2012, with its installation beginning in November of the same year. Earlier this calendar year, Google Fiber announced that it would be getting its first 3D channels, and then wasted no time rapidly developing the app for Androids and then iPads. This entire production, while seemingly wonderful for its users, appears to have a very small market. It will be interesting to see just how far Google Fiber TV will expand across the United States, and if it will soon become an increasingly popular and demanded service and app.

Google Fiber reminds developers that it’s okay to start small. They have created an excellent service and an efficient app to go along with it. They have developed a quality service for a small area and are expanding their efforts. This idea can, and should, be applied to any new app or app developer.




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