15 Tips to Design a Good Website for the Brands to Be Successful

Have you until recently started off your own company?Then you must also be looking for building an impressive website for your company. Most of the business aspirants fail to thrive in the corporate industry due to erroneous website designing. 

Hence, if you don’t want to repeat that mistake like those, given below are 15 effective tips that will help you in designing a super impressive website for your company for thriving in the digital marketing arena. 

Tips to Design a Good Website

Frame a Plan

Starting to design your website randomly would be a sheer blunder. All you need to do for that is to make a methodical web design plan that will help you in reaching your intended audience.

What are the different needs of your customers, which pages they will be visiting, what are the different services that cater to their varying needs are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration before designing your website? 

Remove Frills From Your Website

Inclusion of redundant features won’t do well for your website and they might dwindle the number of your visitors over time. Prolific and prolonged contents, usage of gibberish language in the content and inclusion of long-duration pictorial images are a few of the things you need to avoid while framing your website. 

Opt For Social Media Buttons

If you are wondering what social media buttons are, then you need to know about it right now. Social media buttons are nothing but small-sized buttons that are situated at the top of your content with icons of different social networking sites. It lets your users share your posted content on the social media platform of their choice. 

Must Include Calls-to-Action

Once a person visits your website, he/she will not be knowing what to do next and which page to opt for now. In such cases, the ‘call-to-action button will help the fellow visitors in understanding which page to visit next after he/she has visited the first page of your website. 

Choose Apt Images

Most of the web designers will offer you random images for you to choose from for your website. But you need to tread a fine line in choosing the most appropriate images for your website that will help in relating your visitors to your website page in some way or the other. On the contrary, if you choose irrelevant as well as some extraneous images that will only overdo your website and nothing else. 

Frame a Compelling Navigation

Navigation is the map that apprises your visitors about the various places on your website for visiting. And nothing can be worse if you frame slipshod and messy navigation for your website which will only perplex your visitors and nothing else.

On the contrary, if you frame well-planned navigation, your visitors can easily access the page they are in search of. 

Create a Longer Homepage 

If you create a relatively longer home, your erstwhile, as well as your current visitors, will be able to understand the entire set-up of your company section by section. This kind of prolonged page can be made through a professional web designing service and can include sections like

  • About Us
  • Intro Video
  • Testimonials 
  • Product Features etc.

Don’t Avoid White Space

Also known as negative space, white spaces refer to those blank portions of a page that are devoid of any characters or pictorial items. Many people are of this misconception that white space makes the entire page appear unreasonably spacious which certainly is not the case. 

Instead, these white spaces are considered an essential part of website designing which increases readability as well as makes the content way neater and tidier as compared to anything else.

Design a Mobile-based Website

While designing your website, you must ascertain the fact that you design your website in a way so that the different mobile users can also access your website as well. Because about 80% of internet users access the internet through a fully-fledged smart-phone nowadays.

Hence, you must ascertain that you build your website both for laptop/desktop users and at the same for mobile users as well. 

Get your website found

You must design your website in a way that can get found. This must include a substantial SEO strategy that keeps a regular track on the search rates by your fellow customers as well as your various buyer personas.

Also, this feature requires you to write relevant content for your readers that will cater to their different needs differently. Blogs, video articles, and e-books being the aptest examples. 

Continue Testing

If you are one of those who keep a regular track on your various visits every day, then there are different types of related issues that may arise concerning it like updating older landing pages or amending the current information, etc.

This you can do quite easily through a fully-fledged A/B testing by hooking up with an eminent Web Design Company and leave the rest upon them. 

Eradicate Broken Pages

Apart from the relevant pages of your website, there might be some broken or unnecessary pages that you need to remove to make your entire website more impressive than it was before. For this, you can use various technical tools like here and here, etc.

Ameliorate Your Offers

Make sure that you are coming up with different types of offers to your fellow customers that are somewhat unconventional from that of others. Your products and services must be unique in a way that will compel your customers to have a look at your website time and again. 

Exclude We Factor

Most of the web designers write their blogs and contents by using the ‘we’ tone. On the contrary, if you replace these we and ours with ‘you’ and ‘yours’ it would prove to be way more beneficial in garnering oodles of customers than before. 

Redesign Your Logo

Your website’s logo is the very first thing that lets your visitors have a clear notion about your company. If you create an unimpressive and ordinary appearing logo, then it might steal away your customers’ interest and they won’t like to visit your website any longer.

On the contrary, a tailor-made website logo will do just the opposite and will attract oodles of visitors to have a glance at your website repeatedly. 


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