Build Stunning Time-Lapse Videos with Instagram’s Hyperlapse

Facebook’s Instagram is back again after Slingshot and Bolt. This time with Hyperlapse – a standalone app. Using the stabilization technique, this app allows users to create awesome time-lapse-videos, in minutes.

Luma has been a contributor of this ‘stabilization’ technique. Acquired in August of 2013, Luma is Instagram’s first acquisition.

According to a blog post by Instagram

Hyperlapse allows users to create hand-held time-lapses, using the stabilization technology. The idea is to give a great feel, much like cinematography, to the videos. This is something which was earlier only possible with the aid of expensive devices.

The initial proposal for Hyperlapse was just as a feature for Instagram. It was later builtas full-fledged standalone app. This is due to its cool features and user-friendliness.

Hyperlapse – Feature-Check

  • All users have to do is record a video, pick up speed for playback, save and share it.
  • You can create long videos of up to 10 minutes with iPhone 4 or 45 minutes with an iPhone 5.
  • After recording, users can set the speed of their videos. The speed ranges from 1x to 12x.
  • You can share the videos on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Users can use their Instagram account to login to Hyperlapse.
  • Hyperlapse is available for iOS 7+.

Hyperlapse App is a great improvement over mobile

Image Stabilization

Make smoother, crispier videos

Hyperlapse creates very stable and flawless videos, in no time. Show details in chosen speed with Hyperlapse’s high-quality videos.

Setting the playback speed of the video adds a third dimension to it. It is a good idea to set a higher speed for long videos. Once ready, you can always save the video to your camera-roll. This saved video is ready for sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Minor Drawbacks

  • Owing to its HD quality, these videos may take up more space on your device’s memory.
  • The app does not let you record sound. This means, you cannot add any background music in your video, as of now.
  • Unlike Vine videos, Hyperlapse videos cannot be edited.
  • Hyperlapse is not available for Android.

However, these general drawbacks will not affect the quality of videos, in any way. Sooner, Instagram may come up, with a fix. Until then, we can still have fun, creating multi-purpose videos.

Who can use Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse works well for anyone, from amateurs, video-enthusiasts to professionals. It boasts of a simple UI and is super easy to use.

It offers a fast and effective way of recording stellar videos. Sadly, Android users may have to wait a bit, before Instagram creates one for Google OS.

To Summarise

Interestingly, Instagram’s Hyperlapse videos have come out at the same time as Microsoft’s Hyperlapse. While the former has delivered its product, the latter seems to be in an experimental stage.

Both companies seem to use separate technologies. Instagram slashes out half the video and then increases the image size. It offers resolution for stability. While Microsoft creates an internal 3-D representation of the world to then re-create the video.

Hyperlapse can be referred to as a general technique. The app can be modified to create activity-sensitive videos.

Hyperlapse app is good news for brands looking to boost business offerings. Stunning videos of HD quality can take product marketing to the next level. For instance, Mercedes Benz has already started its initial experimentations with the app, to unlock its full potential.

Ultimately, users will be at the winning end with endless ways – to turn creativity into action.

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