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AppCooker – The Amazing App Mockup Editor

Mobile App Mockup Editor

It’s not always easy to impress people with your app idea in order to get their attention especially when you are just an entrepreneur and not a developer. Do you think it would be easier if you could create an app by just using your iPad? AppCooker is an app conceptualizing tool, which runs on the same platform.

AppCooker is an app, which can be used for representing app ideas by showing all the necessary details of an app. This can be done from the iPad itself or by displaying it on a screen connected with your iPad.

Design Mockup with App Cooker


Functionality: (4.7/5)

AppCooker offers features like designing Yelp Map, discovering the App board, managing the projects, the table view, design iOS icons, design a game intro, wireframinginstagram, multiple inputs – Single link, drawing an angry birds level, designing custom buttons, mock images, mock up Facebook menu etc. Basically it fulfills the checklist, which is required for an app presentation. The app is also capable of planning business models, which would show where do you plan to generate profits, and by what means, basically by creating an ideal business model. It allows you to export files through PDF, which is very helpful to share information.


App Board


Usability: (4.6/5)

The App Cooker is an app, which gives us the tools to initiate the development of the app by developing app idea,creating mockups, app icon designs, to decide business models, along with it to develop iTunes product page description. The pages created in the mockup can be linked to the interface buttons. The iPad can be handed over to anyone, to give them a true feel of the app and get a highly valuable feedback from them. Then the same mockup can be sent over to others for them to try it on their own iPads using App Taster, a free iPad app coming from the same creators Hot Apps Factory.When a new project is launched, 5 panels will pop up each signifying one of the tools mentioned above. This page is called upon as “AppBoard” by the App Cookers.




UI Design: (4.8/5)

The App Cooker design is easy and user-friendly to use. It wont take you long to understand all the functionality and uses even if you have never about this app before. It is beautifully designed for you to create your own designs. It gives you a lot of tool options, which are provided in Xcode for creating the Xib file, and there are some, which have been added to the collection. AppCooker can be used in 3 ways for designing apps on ipad, over the web or using corel draw.


Revenue & Expenses


This app is simply fantastic. I would highly recommend this app, some people are stuck up when they have to shell out money for buying apps but they should make an exception for this one. This app is an all-in-one package, which builds a solid structure for the app creation.

Cost: (4.6/5)

This app is charged at $9.99 at the app store.


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