Factors to Consider While Comparing Mobile App Development Platforms

 There are plenty of vendors all across the globe availing a plethora of platforms. Not each one is good and hence buyers have to analyze and interpret each and every tool carefully and pick the one that aids in developing and deploying an app effectively. The platforms and their services differ from one another, it’s important to clear the differentiation and know which platform fits with all the needs. So, you must be faffing around what are the comparative standards to reach the conclusion? Don’t rub your brain too much, here is a list of factors to consider. comparision of mobile app development platforms

1) Variant types of apps

The prime step to be taken from the buyer’s side is to clarify which device type each of the app development platform supports. Users should be availed with the option of indulging into Android and iPhone app development for both platforms native and hybrid platforms. Generally, platforms are bifurcated when it comes to supporting additional devices. The trend is gradually shifting towards wearable apps with existing mobile apps and web apps Hence, before falling for any vendor, make sure that they add wearable in their apps. Also, enterprise apps are something gaining high popularity.

2) Development criteria

While scrutinizing platforms for app development, keep your eyes on every single option available. Well, app development is not just the job of the project manager. It’s basically a teamwork and the entire team should be a part when development scenarios are evaluated. Which type of app to build, whether the resources to combat the app needs are available. If yes, then the work should go ahead. Besides, future needs of the app must also be taken into consideration and the circumstances of change in needs should also be focused side by side. Platforms differ when it comes to the features. Several platforms offer IDEs (integrated development environment) which allows the users to download to their desktop while some offers plug-ins which users have to install on third-party IDEs along with web-based tools for creating mobile apps. There are also certain platforms which offer a blend of all of these. If the visual studio or Xamarin is the choice of tools then Microsoft platform is a better option. If RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) is on the priority list then Oracle app accelerator is the preferred choice.

3) Deployment choices

There are various deployment options but when looking to a generic view, default approach is cloud infrastructure. In many cases, Cloud is the only option for deployment available. Several platforms allow the users to deploy the app to the private cloud, whereas some allow to do it with the public cloud. There are also certain platforms that enable tools that offers on-premises deployment.

4) Back-end services

Majority of the app development platforms provides scalable back-end services for assisting the mobile app development companies in app development and then management. Well, these services might vary when it comes to implementation but they do possess certain features in common. Sometimes, what vendors do is decouple the front-end app development environment from the back-end services that the users are availed to use one without interrupting another. There are several vendors that offer back-end services as a separate product. Well, it’s advisable to choose one that offers back-end as a separate service.

5) Security

You can let loose any knots while choosing the right platform, but never, I repeat never ever let loose on the security knots. When you are analyzing the security factors, pay heed to the factors like data encryption tactics, system monitoring ability, and industry standards. In-built identity management along with authentication, access control on role base, and user access monitor are also some of the key security features you must check in the app development platform.


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