How To Get More Visitors To Your App?

You have done yourself proud – you are an app entrepreneur but you would want success to go alongside with your pride. Promoting your app is another way of talking about traffic that is directed to your app. Google Play for Android apps and iTunes App Store for iPhone apps are the markets where you find your share of visitors. It requires a lot of hard work and homework before you start expecting a good number of visitors for your app.

Your app needs to have the appeal to draw in attention. You can start off with simple things like:

Get More Visitors To Your App

  1. Give it a good thought before you come up with a name.
    It should be relevant, catchy and should be able to explain the features of itself through a word.
  2. Is your app’s appearance good enough to increase visibility?
    The app’s appearance is like the ambiance and if proper ambiance can be maintained, you can expect a lot of random visitors.
  3. Give importance to the app description
    App description should have proper mention of the purpose it is going to serve and should be written in a very concise way.Some photos of the features in the app won’t do you any harm but if those photos have been properly photo-shopped, then you might start losing out on visitors who might be disappointed because of high expectations after having downloaded the app.Increase Traffic To Mobile App
  4. Customer reviews will go a long way in helping you climb up the ladder.
    The more positive ratings your app receives, the faster you will be your climb. Try to fetch some customer reviews on your own by reaching out to customers of your app. They will help your app become visible in different featured listings in the app market. Find out blogs, websites that are reviewing apps, find out bloggers who are constantly updated on the top picks for a day, Google, search, hunt them down and submit your app for an honest review. Selecting the blogs for review will be a decision which needs to be taken after checking the followers the blog has.
  5. Social networking if done properly can give your app the advantage of visibility.
    A Facebook fan page in which you get your friends join the action and ask your friends to get in your audience will need constant scrutiny and your time. Through the fan page you will need to publish relevant content what your app helps to serve and try to generate interest by showing the relevance of a given problem. You can create a blog; you can post content before the launch that relates to the app; you can talk of the need of a solution and then answer the problem through the launch of your app. You can connect to bloggers through your blog and look for possible relevant content that your app serves in these blogs. Thereby you can post your blog links looking to expand your network and tell your audience how the problem will be now solved in a better, easier and effective way through your app.
  6. Banner ads may not be affordable.
    They are not of much use until you have expanded your business and you are now a part of big organization. You might still get some visits due to these banner ads and hence it’s for you to make a choice on how much you want to spend because it is only who has a say on how much do you expect as returns! Affiliate marketing can also be a good option if you have some good funds to share with potential bloggers who can bring you good amount of traffic.

You finally would want your app to be featured at the end of the day on the platform where you are marketing your app and this will be only possible if you follow the last 6 things we just mentioned.



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